Friday, June 01, 2007

FleaMarket Finds ~
After running a bunch of errands yesterday, I
decided to stop by at this local Flea Market to browse around. I don't go there often as it is extremely dirty and there is no air conditioning system in the bldgs. so it is very, very hot.
I did however, make the sacrifice yesterday-hehehe.
I scored some awesome finds I think as well.
I know ~ if you read yesterdays post I was just saying how I needed to get rid of knick knacky stuff in my house and here I go again buying more. Well, this was just too good to pass up so I'm sure I'll make room somewhere for it all. The prices were crazy good as well.
The jars were only from LtoR ~ .79 cents, .50 cents, .79 cents, and the smaller one in front.25cents.
The gravy boat and saucer ~ the only marking on them is H & Co. ~ do any of you know what company that is? Would love to know. The set was only $1.50.

the silver tray ~
I got it for .99 cents. I plan to paint it up pretty!
It's got quite a few scratches on it but with a little sanding and some paint it will fix up nicely.

the plate ~ $1.49
I searched for MORE of these and unfortunately I could only find this one. It's Copeland SPODE made in England. I visited the SPODE factories while living in England and LOVE SPODE dishes. All of the ones I have are Blue & White and I knew this would fit in nicely on my bakers rack.

Again, I remember seeing these when I lived in England and with no markings on it other than (1259) I don't know where it was made or by whom. It was $2.50 and believe it or not there isn't one chipped rose petal on the entire thing.

Okay, I don't make stamps but after being inspired by Norah's stamps that she creates...I thought to myself ~ maybe one day! So, I bought these carving tools that look like they were for making stamps??? They were only .79 cents. so I'm sure I'll a use for them if they aren't for that.

$9.60 TOTAL!!
There were so many more things I would have loved going through but again with no air conditioning in the bldg. and it being 90+ degrees outside it was HOT in there.
I finished my "She Sells Seashells By The Seashore" collage that Danielle hosted last month. I'll share it after my swap partner receives it ~ loved making it so much I made several actually!

RAIN ~ Had to type that BIG cause we finally got RAIN yesterday. It rained hard for almost an hour and my desert land (front yard) really needed it. My petunas and ferns out front look happy this morning and "perky". Amazing what a drink from GOD does for the soul huh?!
Have a great FRIDAY ~ I woke up ready to create ~ maybe because I went to bed just after creating! Will share more this weekend.


Sharon said...

Morning, you definitely got the goods form that hot spot.
And you can definitely carve some stamps with those. You could also carve a wood block stamp with them. It's fun too.

Kim said...

Hey! We made it to NM and a spot check of all of the painted glass I brought made it in tact! Love all of the flea market finds. I LOVE to go looking for those neat little things. Well, I'll update more later and enjoy your classes tomorrow. Hugs ~ Kim

Alice J said...

I've got to find out where you shop, girlfriend! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Can't believe all that for $9.60! My sister-in-law would be amazed too!
I'm so proud of you and your thrifty shopping!
But we didn't get that much rain! :-( Only a few drops! But I know God will supply what we need when we need it. Maybe we just haven't prayed hard enough.
Can't wait to see how you paint all that stuff! You're amazing!
To God be the Glory,

Anonymous said...

So since you have been cleaning out and the org. rule is buy one get rid of one... What are you getting rid of? As Steven would probably ask. :):)
Just kidding... Great finds I think I might go out tomorrow morning.