Wednesday, January 30, 2013

 Art Journaling Class

Had a fabulous class today! We worked on some basic strokes and then painted our first page in our Art Journal!  LOVED this class and have loved creating in my own personal Art Journal. It just lets me be creative - no boundaries, no rules, no wrongs or rights - just ART - just FUN!
We're going to have an ongoing Art Journaling class ~ once a month this year and hopefully for years to come!

Barb, Sue, Dee, Sherry, Glo, Janis, Patty, Mary, Debi,Roz, Gloria, Fran, and Deborah

I've been busy trying to get my February classes designed and ready for next month! Here's a sample of what we're doing in some of them next month!
Bracing for the storm that is coming our way right now! For all my friends in GA and on the east coast stay safe!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Art of Lettering Class
Had such a great time teaching my students a lot about the art of lettering. I could probably do 10 more classes and still not cover everything you can do with letters/words on our art!
We practiced many of the different fonts with several different brushes and then took what we learned and painted this word collage that I came up with.   Everyone did such an amazing job and I think with all the brainstorming ideas that came up yesterday they will be making LOTS of word collages for family and friends! It was great to see so many that hadn't be back since last year!
Deborah (Deborah and I met on Facebook and have messaged each other back and forth for months now. So glad that she came down to take this class and signed up to take another next week and next month). Fabulous lady!  She also won the drawing and got to take my piece that I did in class home. (Pictured below with tulle ribbon hanger).
(So wished I had taken a picture of her painted shoes ~ they were amazing ~ maybe next week when she comes to class ~ I can take a snap of her fabulously painted shoes that she painted!)
Mine that I did in class that Deborah got to take home. Loved the tulle ribbon that I added to this one.
Found out today that my darling Father in Love had to go to the ER last night with a very high fever. They aren't sure what is going on so decided to keep him another day to run some tests. Please keep him your thoughts and prayers ~ greatly appreciated!
Super excited this week to find out our middle was accepted to the same college his older brother goes to! Not sure that he is ready to be away from his girlfriend but think he is so ready to be done with High School and on to college!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Painting Classes
Wow after a long break from teaching classes (early December til this past Saturday) it was so awesome to be back and see my students!! Many NEW students which is also great and a wonderful way to start the New Year!



My first class was a kids class and I had three super sweet and cool girls in class. We painted a fun and very BRIGHT (picture doesn't do it justice) decorative peace sign canvas.  They did an awesome job! 

We painted owls on Saturday too! We used a granulation medium to get some amazing effects on our feathers and everyone did a beautiful job.

I orignally intended to paint a whimsical owl (picture below) but didn't list my class that way and was worried my regular students would not want to paint it - they LOVED them both thankfully and we voted to paint the more realistic owl.
New student Lisa



In my last class on Saturday we painted a cross with scripture. I gave everyone creative license to create what they wanted and think they all did a fabulous job!


My whimsical owl that I'll teach in my canvas art classes throughout the year!
Hope you have a great week!