Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glass vase with Hydrangea ~
that is what we painted in paint class yesterday!  I think everyone did an amazing job and think they were all so pleased with their paintings!  I love the way they turned out!

Ann painted her shirt and I just had to take a picture and share it with yall!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Patriotic Petunias
Had fabulous paint class yesterday! We painted red, white and blue petunias with an old fence post.  Everyone did such an awesome job on their painting. I think of everything they loved how easy it was to paint the post.





Susan R






Hope you have a fabulous day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Wow! I'm one lucky girl you know.

I have an awesome father, incredible father in law and a fabulous husband who is such a great father to our three boys!!

I want to THANK my daddy for always being there for me! I hope you know how special you are to me and how much I appreciate and love you!! You're my HERO!

I want to THANK my father in law for being such a wonderful example of what love, hard work, and dedication will get you! I sure did luck out when I married my hubby ~ to get such awesome in-laws.

I want to THANK my husband for being such an awesome father to our boys! Everything he does is for his family! I know my boys won't fully appreciate all that he does for them until they are grown and out of the house but I see it daily and appreciate every second of it now! 

To all the other father's out there - Happy Father's Day!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warner Robins, GA
Museum of Aviation Annual Auction July 2011

Every year I donate items that I've created/painted for the Museum of Aviations annual auction. If you live locally and haven't been it really is a MUST go to event!!

Here are a couple things I painted to donate this year ~
A cake plate/punch bowl with roses - I love the way this turned out. Toyed with putting white little flowers on it but kept it with roses only.  Then I painted a pitcher and glasses with grapes - one of my favorite things to paint! Love the way those turned out and hope they bring some good money for the museum.

Have a wonderful day! Blessings, Sandy

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Sweet 16!
Today our middle son Kendall turns "16"! OMGoodness where has the time gone!
He came into this world at 9 lbs. 14oz. and now at 16 is 6' 4" which is really no surprise.
At a couple months old he jolted up from my lap, rolled down my leg, landed on his belly on the floor and looked up at me (my sister Linda & my brother in law David) and smiled.  I knew then that this kid was going to be fun (and probably a handfull at times) but mainly full of energy and fun!
We truly have been blessed with an amazingly talented & sweet child. We're so very proud of the young man you have become Kendall and we love you so very much!

These pictures pretty much sum up what occupy his free time now-a-days! He loves to play on his guitar (don't have a picture of him with his newest one - which he got for his birthday) Jam sessions with his brothers tops the list of things he loves to do at 16!


He's always been a bit fearless - which at times has scared the living daylights out of me! 

I used to think I was tall until Kendall shot up to 6' 4" this year!
I'm a little bit sad today that I don't get to spend today with the birthday boy! He's up in Atlanta with his older brother Austin having fun being counselors at Camp Invention. I don't think I've ever not been with my boys on their birthday so it's a bit strange. I know he is with family though and will enjoy the day at camp and then celebrate later with this brother, Aunt LouLou, and cousin Gabby!

I'm overjoyed too that my hubby's surgery went very well yesterday. They took out the lump in his throat about the size of a softball the doctor said. They did take the right side of this thyroid but the doctors said there was no cancer and the left side looked great so they were able to leave some of his thyroid there.  He spent the night last night and we get to go and pick him up today to come home.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Family Time & Family Fun!

My grandmother and parents came to visit the last week in May - just a short visit for the day so Steven and the boys could see grandmother while she was down visiting for Chandlers graduation.

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the farm to celebrate our other nephews graduation from High School. It was nice to all be together and enjoy some really fun games and lots of yummy food - too much of it actually.

Dillon ~ the graduate ~ with his mom & dad

Gabby & Opa

Me & my gorgeous niece Gabby

My youngest ~ Holland

Gabby & Holland

Trying to stay cool!

Kendall, Austin, & Dillon

Kendall - keeping cool playing pool inside

We had some fun racing games that my brother in law came up with - most of all fun - only had my foot run over once by the pug - my youngest was behind the wheel - blindfolded - so what else could be expected?!

Kendall & Gabby

Then Opa got out the tractor & wagon for some more fun and games that involved spoons & eggs.

The tired graduate! 
We had a wonderful time and it was great to just relax and spend time at the farm!

Have a great day!