Thursday, June 24, 2010

Warner Robins Museum of Aviation Annual Auction ~ my donation this year!

For the last 4-5 years I've donated something for the auction that is held at the Museum of Aviation (one of the best I've ever been to I might add) in Warner Robins, Georgia. This is their 25th Annual auction! I have usually done small pieces - handpainted glass and handsculpted clay on platters, etc. But this year I wanted to do something BIG ~ I mean it is the 25th one! I kept with tradition and created two glass vases with handsculpted flowers on them and in my haste to get everything to the museum I forgot to take photos - one had a calla lilies wrapped around it and the other a big magnolia with leaves. Here is the 36x48 canvas that I painted and took for the auction that will be on July 17th. There are usually a 1,000+ people that attend and they have a Taste of Local Cuisine - so plenty of food of all kinds.

My new header ~ I painted this very pink seascape painting while at my friend Donnas house in May and was pleased with it but it was so Flat looking - colorwise that is. I had also just finished up a class at the gallery with Eileen on old world glazing techniques and LOVED the glaze that she introduced me to so much that I had to see what it would do to this painting! I wish I had a before and after because the color change is remarkable! Plus, the glaze smells good enough to EAT! It smells "orangy - tangy - yummy".

Paint Class ~ I know it seems like forever since I shared a paint class with ya huh? I usually have very few classes in the summer with everyone being so busy and my boys out of school but couldn't go without doing them. In fact, I've taught every month without fail since October 2006 ~ thought about taking a break in July and probably should have with me going to Florida for the Painting Summit but I'd miss my students too much!

We painted Grapes on Monday and after I painted the original I remembered how much the glaze brought up the colors in the sunset and so I decided to use them on the grapes and LOVE the way it turned out and so did my students.








Getting ready for a stroke workshop on Saturday - looking forward to a really indepth study on strokes and what can be done with them! Will share photos with you soon!
Have a great day. Blessings,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painting BIG

So I know I shared on Facebook the large paintings that I've been doing - I'm working on another one right now and will hopefully have it done to show you by the end of the week. I SO LOVED painting whatever came to mind. I had done this painting with the intention of donating it to the local Air Museums auction that I've donated to for 5 years now and well.....I debated and debated about it and decided that I needed to paint another one for the auction and I did but decided that I wanted the one I donate to be on black so I'm painting another one this week so that I can get it to the museum. The first one I painted LOOKS amazing in my living room above my fireplace - it took the place or a rather LARGE clock that I had there and I must look at the painting about 20 times a day to see what time it is - and that brings "wow, I did that" still quite amazed with my accomplishment.

This is the second painting - it's at the Gallery in Byron right now for sale

and this is the first one I painted above my fireplace. Perfect place and space if you ask me.
Been a busy week - had high hopes of posting every day this week but missed yesterday unfortnately. Yesterday my oldest got his drivers license and my middle got his learners permit since he turned 15 on Monday - they both passed their tests with flying colors and now the worrying begins!! I know I have to let go but I'm worried that something is going to happen - gonna have to turn it over to God because I'll be a nervous wreck everytime they get behind the wheel.
I just got back from a fabulous trip to California with my friend Donna. Will share pictures with you all this week! We had so much fun with our friend April and all the other ladies that came out to paint! April took Donna and I to Hollywood which was awesome and it was cool to be back in California - that sea air took me back to so many memories I had from growing up there until 6th grade! Loved it there and always thought I'd go back but never did - Tennessee became home and then well - if you read my blog you know the rest of the story - military life and moving around - and now Middle Georgia is home.
My oldest gets his wisdom teeth out tomorrow - all 4 - surgery is required and I hope it goes well - please keep him in your prayers!!
Hope you have a great day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Today is my sons 15th birthday!
Last night he got to sing his first song in front of people
at a band practice where him and my other two sons take lessons.
He ROCKED it big time and I was so impressed! Wish they had played
the Jeremy Camp song that was sung before their band went on
but those chose a Metallica one - he loves Metallica.

He is such a sweet young man! Super tall - almost 6' 2" - towers over
me and comes eye to eye with my hubby! But at 9lbs. 14 ounces and 23 inches long at birth ~ we're not surprised he is that tall!

I had a great time last week in California. Met some amazing people! It was great to spend some time with my friend April and finally meet her husband Rick - a huge supporter of Aprils!
Thanks for the taking care of us April and touring us around! I will share more on that trip later this week. Have a great day.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Lori, Me, Donna, and Marzia
So here are some pictures for las month when I was at my friend Donnas house. Our friend Lori as well as Enzo and Marzia from Italy were there for 3 days creating, taping, and painting. One of the evenings we decided to paint BIG! Donna and I had chatted about it for months and it was nice to actually have the time to sit and (okay stand) and paint. I stand painting - have never been able to really sit - like to be up and over my piece and with a large canvas back a bit so I can actually see what I'm doing.

Here are the finished pieces and then I put in some pictures so you can see how we got there.

Lori, Me and Marzia with her painting

Me with what I painted that evening. I wasn't in the mood to paint flowers! I wanted to but didn't want to force it. I like the finished piece although it's not my favorite.

Marzia is a fabulous painter! It was exciting watching her paint and create! She does all these creative things with texure and movement add so much to her pieces!

Here we are with Donna and her piece - OMGoodness a picture doesn't do this painting justice! It's incredible and when you turn the corner and see it it's breathtakingly gorgeous.

Hippie Chick Lori has such a free and great painting style. Again, picture doesn't do it justice. The colors are so vibrant and WOW! It's hanging above her bed and is perfect there.

Marzia and Donna

Here are some of the pics in action while we were painting them. We took over Donnas dining room that is thankfully quite large.

I stared at mine for a while deciding what was going to be painted on it!

I painted the majority of this painting with a sponge - found the brush wasn't necessary for most of it - which was different but I loved it. It made it soft and tranquil which is exactly what I was going for.

Hard to believe it's JUNE 2010 already! I've done a horrible job keeping up with my blog and my blog friends. If you still come by and visit THANK YOU! I know it's disappointing when you go to a blog and it's the same post from like forever ago. I'm gonna try and do better! I love writing on it and sharing what I'm up to especially for my family all over the world to see!

Have a fabulous day!