Monday, July 31, 2006


I loved all of these projects that we painted.
I have to admit I was very impressed with my
CLOUDS on this one ~ looking at it makes me
wish I was at a beach soaking up the sun.

I painted this beach scene in a class
that was being taught by Donna Dewberry.
Loved painting on the smaller canvas and
can't wait to frame it and put it in my bathroom.

this piece in a class taught by April Numamoto
Love her! She was such an awesome teacher.
Although this is similar to the first one I'm still
gonna frame it and put it in my bathroom.
Can't wait to paint this on a wall ~ not sure if I'll
do it in this house or not since we will be moving in
two years.

This was an awesome class taught by Angela Anderson,
a One Stroke Certifying Elite and Wall & Furniture Specialist.

I can't wait to frame this and put it in my
kitchen. Not sure how clearly it will show but there is
wisteria and white hydrangea flowers with rosebuds all
on a vine with a gold ribbon running through. It was a
blast to paint and I'm very pleased with the finished

Fabric painting Class ~ taught by Donna Dewberry.
I love this style of painting that DD is coming out with.
Very modern very cool!
I painted this on the back of my 10 Wonderful Years
of One Stroke painting t-shirts that I purchased at CE.
I forgot to take a piece of clothing and so wish I had brought
an extra pair of jeans to paint this on the leg.
I loved the painted clothes in the 80's - remember those
painted things with dimensional paint! I am very guilty of
having worn several over the top LOUD painted items.
Well, this was my first thought when I heard we were painting
on clothes ~ boy, was I pleasantly surprised that it looked
nothing like that 80's stuff I remember so well.
The paints are AWESOME! Nothing on the market like them.
In fact, the paint isn't available on the market either - check
out DD on HSN on September 8th if you LOVE to paint on clothing
you won't want to miss out.

I'm gonna give blogger a break right now as I have been having a difficult time getting my pictures to upload today to my sight. Will get the rest of the pics uploaded tomorrow and also put the ones of my painted items I took down to CE with me.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Donna Dewberry and Me

Me and Priscilla Hauser

Chris Wallace (Walnut Hollow) and me

Wow! What a time I had at Super Convention 2006! I'm exhausted but learned so much and made some great NEW friends ~ Hazel, Charlie, Nancy, Renee, & Norma Jean.
I'll get some of the things I painted uploaded today and share those with you as well as some of the things that I painted to take down to CE with me.
I was very honored to have met one of my painting idols ~ Mrs. Priscilla Hauser. I have watched her for years on the Carol Duvall show and just adore her. She was so incredibly sweet and gracious ~ not to mention one of the greatest decorative painters out there.
I also recogonized Mrs. Chris Wallace from the Carol Duvall show - I'm sure they've been seen other places but that's where I know them from - and she is very soft spoken and very sweet. We did a fantastic wood burning craft at the Do & Dash event the first day with both of these ladies and had a blast. I LOVE Walnut Hollow products and have been purchasing their wood pieces at Wal-Mart to paint on ~ they have some fantastic pieces to paint.
The first picture is of me and Donna Dewberry the QUEEN and creator of One Stroke. They really put on a fantastic week for us painting fanatics and although exhausting getting up at 5:30a.m. and going to bed after midnight almost every day I had the time of my life.

It was nice to get back to my boys ~ My 3 boys and husband that is.
The house was spotless and a roast was cooking in the crock pot ~ how awesome is that! I was also given a box of peaches from Hazel's husband and my hubby whipped out a peach crumble to have for desert - hot with lots of frozen cool whip on top! YUM!

Well, now I have to unpack. We got so many goodies from all the vendors and Dewberry Designs and I have to find a place in my painting room for those as well as get some laundry done - which my hubby already started for me this morning ~ I sure do love that man of mine!
I've got a busy week but HAVE to find some time to paint some of the things and technics I learned down at CE. Have a fantastic week ya'll.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I'll be away until Monday next week (July 31). Will have lots to share and lots of pics to show what I've been up to.
Have a fantastic week!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I love pansies!
I got these cut little cups and saucers at an auction while in Nebraska this summer and didn't know what I was going to do with them. There were only 3 cups and 6 saucers but I had to have them ~ all for the big price of $1.00

I taught my painting class today and was so impressed with my student - TERRY - she painted her first flower pot with sunflowers - if she'll share photos with me I'll post them soon.
I was going to paint sunflowers on this little set but thought it would be so pretty and daintly with pansies so here it is. I'm going to glue the cup to the saucer and put some frosted glass in the bottom of the cup and a tea light and then give it to my friend. Hope she likes it!

I'm hoping to get some scrapbooking done tonight - DH works late and my boys will watch a movie - especially if it means they can stay up later than usual. I'm gonna try and tackle this creative prompt that CHRISTI gave out yesterday. Will hopefully share soon!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My nephew has the most beautiful eyes and he really does just melt your heart with one look.

Have you ever looked at magazines, other peoples work, etc. and just have complete brain block after doing so! I enjoy looking at it because it gives me such inspiration but at the same time if I look at it all too much ~ like I've done lately ~ then I go completely blank! It especially effects my scrapbook pages.
I'm also trying to find that perfect thing to paint and take to this conference with me for a silent auction! In a room full of awesome painters I want it to really stand out (and make a lot of money of course) and I think that thought is keeping me from just creating it! I'm gonna sleep on it tonight and hopefully something will come to me tomorrow.

Back to teaching painting classes tomorrow! So looking forward to it. Two hours of painting, lunch, lots to talk about with my friend Terry and hopefully a finished product at the end. I haven't taught a painting class since leaving England last summer and am ready to get back in the swing of it.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Small World
It's such a small world! Took my boys to the pool today and heard someone say "Sandy??" I looked at this lady and thought OMG it's Beth and family. We were stationed together at Offutt AFB from 2000-2003. We kept it touch for about a year and then last track of each other due to busy lives, kids schedules, etc. What is so great about friends like these that you make when moving around with the military is that you can just sit and chat like you just chatted on the phone yesterday and the day before that and so on. It was so great catching up with them. Her son and my middle son were great friends when we were there (K & 1st grade buddies) and they picked up like they've been hanging out on a daily basis. Completely forgot that her parents live close by and she was here visiting. We'll hopefully catch up with them next week for dinner! We ended up leaving the pool because someone got sick in it and they kicked us all out - YUK!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Here are some photos of the flower pot I did as well as a small milk can I painted for my friend Trish. I painted it for her Saturday and her packers came on Monday - gonna miss you my friend.
I finally finished the flower pot - phew! I'm such a procrastinator - wish I wasn't - but I just have to feel it to do it.
Now...I've gotta get another order painted and then I can SCRAPBOOK! I am so behind. I will hopefully get some pages done in the next day or two and get them uploaded.
I'm busy getting ready for the OneStroke Super Education Convention the end of the month. Have so much to paint, am busy scrapbooking my portfolio so it looks more professional and have to make sure I have all my supplies before travelling 5 hours away from home.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I just painted this for the Robins Air Museum Auction being held this Saturday. I'm hoping to get a very large flower pot painted as well ~ and since I told them I was bringing it I better get busy painting.
Okay, my first day on my BLOG ~ how exciting. What to write about? I'm sure will be the question of every day now. I write like I speak so it will be filled with grammatical errors and certainly VERY little punctuation - an English major I am not.