Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My nephew has the most beautiful eyes and he really does just melt your heart with one look.

Have you ever looked at magazines, other peoples work, etc. and just have complete brain block after doing so! I enjoy looking at it because it gives me such inspiration but at the same time if I look at it all too much ~ like I've done lately ~ then I go completely blank! It especially effects my scrapbook pages.
I'm also trying to find that perfect thing to paint and take to this conference with me for a silent auction! In a room full of awesome painters I want it to really stand out (and make a lot of money of course) and I think that thought is keeping me from just creating it! I'm gonna sleep on it tonight and hopefully something will come to me tomorrow.

Back to teaching painting classes tomorrow! So looking forward to it. Two hours of painting, lunch, lots to talk about with my friend Terry and hopefully a finished product at the end. I haven't taught a painting class since leaving England last summer and am ready to get back in the swing of it.


Christi Snow said...

aw, Sandy, this layout is beautiful! LOve your paper choices on it! Smiles!

Debra OBrien said...

I love it Sis....I agree, Andrew melts you with one look. He is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me as well as his sister Hannah. I love having a Sister like you. Always willing to listen and give advise....sometimes I listen, and other times I don't but I am always grateful for my FAMILY. You all are the center of who I am and who I will become as soon as I grow up. right! :):) Smiles...I love you!