Friday, July 14, 2006

Small World
It's such a small world! Took my boys to the pool today and heard someone say "Sandy??" I looked at this lady and thought OMG it's Beth and family. We were stationed together at Offutt AFB from 2000-2003. We kept it touch for about a year and then last track of each other due to busy lives, kids schedules, etc. What is so great about friends like these that you make when moving around with the military is that you can just sit and chat like you just chatted on the phone yesterday and the day before that and so on. It was so great catching up with them. Her son and my middle son were great friends when we were there (K & 1st grade buddies) and they picked up like they've been hanging out on a daily basis. Completely forgot that her parents live close by and she was here visiting. We'll hopefully catch up with them next week for dinner! We ended up leaving the pool because someone got sick in it and they kicked us all out - YUK!

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