Sunday, April 29, 2012

wOils Certification

What an amazing, exhausting and fun time I had this past weekend teaching 9 incredible ladies at my first wOils Certification.
Everyone did such a great job on their paintings! The days were long and I think I exhausted each of them however, they were eager to learn and all PASSED their cert which is exciting!




Again, had a wonderful time with these ladies! Thanks y'all for a fabulous time!
Ann, Monica, Sue, Barb, Glo, Me, Roz, Kim, Sherry, and sitting Jenny.

Have a great week!

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's on my Easel?
Last week when Norma Jean and Renee were here they wanted to paint with the wOils so after their Level 2 prep course we broke out the paints and started painting. I wasn't thrilled at all with what I had painted and ended up completely wiping off two of the flowers before starting over. I've been dabbling with it here and there and am glad that I can almost call it finished! Love the way it is coming along.

Looking forward to teaching my first wOils Certification this coming Thursday - Saturday. 9 ladies will be attending and we're gonna pack my home studio with lots of fun - lots of painting and lots of picture taking I hope too! I always get too busy at these things and forget to get my camera out - so I'll have it prepped and ready and make sure I update my blog and FB with the photos of all the fun we've had!

Have a great day!
Norwegian Rosemaling
Today we had a fabulous class ~ we painted Norwegian Rosemaling. It's an art that I've LOVED for quite some time now! My mother in law has Norwegian roots and has quite a bit of the scrollwork art around her home that I've always admired and have always wanted to paint.
In February my friend Lori and I took a Rosemaling class at the Vegas Paints Convention and I so wanted to bring what I had learned back to share with my students. They LOVED it and all did such an awesome job on their paintings. I have a feeling they are going to be painting these fun designs on everything! I also realized after taking the class in Vegas ~ that the One Stroke Level 2 Cert. I took years ago totally prepared me for this style of strokework!









It feels a bit like January out today ~ cold and very windy! Not complaining - it's nice to open the windows (even if it is only slightly so that things don't blow around) to let in the fresh air and give the AC a break!

Hope you have a great Monday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting with Friends!
I got to spend the last two days painting with Norma Jean and Renee and had the absolute best time. I met these two ladies at the very first One Stroke Super Education Painting Convention I attended in 2006 and have adored them ever since! They drove all the way up from Tampa ~ crazy I know ~ but I'm so glad they did. Our friend Charlie was going to join us but sadly couldn't take off work - we missed you bunches Charlie!!
Norma Jean & Renee came up to take a Level 2 One Stroke Prep Course with me and they did such an amazing job! After that they wanted to paint with the wOils so we painted a mixture of one of Donna's Workshop projects from last year and a wOil Cert Project and they absolutely LOVED painting with the wOil paints! Think they just might be HOOKED!

The first day they were there the AC people were coming back to figure out why the second AC Unit they put in had the same issue as the first new unit ~ so no air all day! Thankfully we had a nice breeze and I could have the windows open. URGH! They finally put in a 3rd unit (different model) because they figured out it was a factory defect in this model ~ long story short ~ we have air and my house finally feels cool and normal from one end of the house to the other ~ something we've not had since we moved in.  It was always much hotter on the boys side of the house then ours which stays relatively cool. Thankully we had a nice cool house yesterday when they were here because it was rainy outside and not perfect for opening windows!

Sad but excited that our middle son starts his first ever job today! He got a job at a grocery store where his friend works and like me at that age is looking forward to having some spending money!

My oldest got SUPER news this week that he is graduating with honors and ranked #9 in his Sr. Class. So proud of him and how hard he has worked all these years in school!

Off to paint!
Hope you have a great day!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday! Last night at 8p.m. I got the urge to paint so pulled out my brushes & wOil paint and started this hydrangea painting. It needs some more touches here and there and then it's on it's way to the Art Gallery in Byron.

Have the AC guys here today putting in a new AC unit! Lots of banging and worries that any minute one of the guys is going to fall through the ceiling with all this noise. Not the type of atmosphere to paint in so I guess I'll clean the house today!

I have two friends coming in from Tampa tomorrow to paint with me for two days so I need to get ready for them as well! Looking forward to seeing you Renee & Norma - Charlie we wish you could be here too! Will miss having you here!

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birch Trees & A Birthday Party!

Yesterday in paint class we painted a birch tree landscape with wOils and had so much fun!! It was also Roz's birthday and she asked if she could bring lunch for everyone and celebrate her birthday with all of us at paint class. I was a bit sad that we didn't have our usual large group at an all day painting event so that we could all share in the birthday festivities but there were lots of festivals/events going on this past weekend so many had to miss. Her darling husband Jose brought all the food and joined us for lunch and cake!
Roz has been taking my classes for years and is such a blessing not only in my classes but in my life!
Thanks for sharing YOUR day with us Roz!

Jenny also brought a cake that looked like a flower - both from Publix and both so incredibly delicious!





It was also PROM! Kendall went with his girfriend Jennah and they looked so adorable! I wasn't home when he left since I was still teaching class but they came by the house after eating dinner so that I could take some pictures and see them before they headed off to prom.

Here are the two classes I'm teaching this weekend (4/0 & 4/21) at the Cow & Calf Art Gallery located at the Peach Shops of Byron, GA. It's a great fun & relaxing time to come out and paint with friends, family, ladies group, and/or co-workers! Check out my website by clicking on the sunset below and email me at to sign up or find out more information!  Bring your own drinks & snacks and come have fun being creative!

Have a great day!