Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Monday! Last night at 8p.m. I got the urge to paint so pulled out my brushes & wOil paint and started this hydrangea painting. It needs some more touches here and there and then it's on it's way to the Art Gallery in Byron.

Have the AC guys here today putting in a new AC unit! Lots of banging and worries that any minute one of the guys is going to fall through the ceiling with all this noise. Not the type of atmosphere to paint in so I guess I'll clean the house today!

I have two friends coming in from Tampa tomorrow to paint with me for two days so I need to get ready for them as well! Looking forward to seeing you Renee & Norma - Charlie we wish you could be here too! Will miss having you here!

Have a great day!


Teresa Huff said...


Angela said...

How lovely!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!! *HUGS*

Sandy said...

Thanks y'all! Loved painting this one!