Sunday, February 28, 2010

We created clay necklaces and beads in our February clay class.

Speaking of, where did February go? I know it's a short month but oh my goodness - this month FLEW!



Sherry O.


Gloria S.





Sherry T.

Gloria M.

Hopefully March will bring warmer weather!! I'm ready to jump right to summer but a little Spring weather would be a nice change to this cold, windy, damp weather we've been having. Getting all of my prep for my classes done early for a change and looking forward to some fabulous classes in March!
PLUS...March is a busy birthday month in our family - my niece Gabby, my niece Hannah, my sister in law Lynne, my nephew Chandler, my nephew Andrew and my oldest Austin all have birthdays in March.
My oldest is reaching a big milestone - he'll be 16 yrs. old! Doesn't want a party, no fanfare - just CASH he says! He's a saver though which is good!

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Peacock Classes

Today we painted some amazing Peacocks! They all turned out so differently but so pretty. I have been so terrible about updating this blog of mine - neglected with a capital N!!

We put Extreme Glitter on it and they looked so amazing!!!

We had a horrible storm here this a.m. So glad that it ended before I had to leave for class this a.m.

I have a new FREE downloaded project loaded now on the Dewberry Design Team! Click HERE to get it now!!

I know how some people really hate the word verification on the comments section but I had to put it up - have had TONS of spam comments lately on my blog and honestly I'm tired of having to go to posts in 2007 and delete them so I know it's an inconvenience to have to write the letters you see in the box but I if you do take the time to leave me a comment thank you!

Have a great day!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Over two weeks since a post ~ I know ~ I've been a bit busy and still haven't managed to balance my time like I need to to get everything done I need to get done or want to get done.

Here I am with my hubby - one of my favorite pictures of us! All dressed up to go to the only AF Birthday Ball we ever went to. He is my Valentine! He is my heart and I truly have been blessed to have someone that loves me as much as he does and makes a point to show me and spoil me every day! He is an awesome father too!! He is the absolute best & I'm one lucky girl to have him!!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this past week I had a Level 1 One Stroke Painting Certification where I got to certify these fabulous ladies to be One Stroke Instructors. We had so much fun and painted, painted, painted until I don't think any of us could paint anymore. We had to deal with some not so great weather either with lots of snow and ice and the travel for some was scary but they braved the roads and made it to complete the Certification.

Last week I also had a painting class where we painted a Silhouette that was done at the January Education Summit

Everyone LOVED this project! They all drew their project themselves without a pattern other then the shape of the birds which I think they all enjoyed!









At my evening class I had the most awesome pleasure to have one of my bloggin friends Kari from Just Livin' Large come to my class! We've chatted back and forth about the possibility of her coming into town and if she did she wanted to take a class - just so happened I had one and she got to come!! She is an absolute sweetheart and I really hope that her husband gets moved to WR! We'd have so much fun together! She brought me the sweetest gifts too and I think was amazed with her painting - since she had never painted before!! Then we had lunch after I bowled that next day and we chatted almost like we'd known each other for years! Guess we kinda did after reading each others blogs for at least that long huh?

Didn't she do an incredible job for not ever having painted before?!!!!





I also had a clay class where we made necklaces but I will share those photos later in month as I have another class during the same project and I don't want to ruin it for them!

Have a great week and Happy Valentine's Day!