Saturday, April 28, 2007

Peaches & Grapes ~We painted peaches and grapes today in paint class.

Dawn ~ This was her first painting class and she did a beautiful job.

Nicole ~

So glad you are back painting with us!

I just love the way Hallie is looking at her mom ~ such love and admiration huh?

Hallie Zoe

Nicole brought her two daughters with her today and they both did a beautiful job on their plates.

Her youngest Hallie Zoe and Lexie (don't know how she made it out of the room without getting her picture made but I have her mom working on that so I can include her).

Both of Nicole's daughters just jumped right in and painted ~ no hesitation or reservations.
LOVE that!

Hallie also won the drawing and got to take my big peach plate home with her today.

Jenny ~

This was her second class with me and isn't her project gorgeous!

I think Kim told me this was her 17 & 18 classes today.
She paints so much at home as well and has started making gifts and presents for her family and friends ~ love that!

Ruth ~

Just love this project you painted Ruth! Fabulous.

Ellen ~
I think I've told you before, Ellen doesn't like her picture taken but I can still take pictures of her projects and this was is beautiful.

Lisa ~
This was her 5th class this month and she went into the drawing for the paint day with me! (see below)

Then we painted grapes ~ I love this terra cotta bric-a-vin
wine holder.


Lisa won my project piece in this class.



My dad drew the name today after paint class and here it is ~
and the winner is.....

Lisa is coming to PAINT with me. We'll have coffee and converstation. Then we'll start our first painting project, eat lunch and then paint our second painting project.

Lisa...gotta let me know what day works best for you! Congratulations!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

These shoes were made for
walking and painting...of course!
My friend Terry and I ordered these croc style shoes from a nursing website - they are comfortable! We wanted to get them in various colors and paint them before we go to the painting convention in June together.
Here is what I painted ~ beach scene on the Navy,
Butterfly bush and butterfly on the Black, and Hibiscus on the Pink. They all came out really cute I think. Terry painted wild flowers, sunflowers and purple daisy like flowers.
Now for the bad news....
I wore the butterfly bush pair last night to my sons soccer practice and well the paint started peeling off ~ YIKES. It was almost like a decal ~ the butterfly came off, all intacked but OFF. We used outdoor paint thinking that since you could paint on items that would be outside and has a built in sealer that would work best - we were wrong. Now, might think about painting them with regular acrylic and sealing or purchasing some plastic paint.

Remember the hydranges I got in the floral arrangement last week - well, I took them out and dried them and they look gorgeous in my olive jar don't you think? I sprayed them with a clear lacquer.

Busy painting week - two classes tomorrow
Peaches and Grapes.

Looking forward to a visit with my dad as well who flies in today from Germany. Mom follows in a couple of weeks.

Have a blessed weekend. Happy CREATING!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Painting on Glass ~
Here are some pictures of the two glass painting classes we had today. I let the ladies have a choice as to the flowers they put on their vases - rose buds or clematis (the purple flowers). Everyone did so well ~ as usual ~ they never cease to amaze and delight me with their creations!

Nicole ~ #4 of 6 classes this month
Welcome back! I missed you and so did everyone else that takes classes with you!

Brenda ~ 5 classes this month already!
Awesome job. Love the boldness in your rose buds!

Alice J.~
Yes, she's the same Alice that has been taking classes - she's lost 25 lbs though and you can certainly tell in the pictures.
Lovely rose buds!

Alice H ~
Bless her she got all of her stripes on and scraped them on something and had to wash it off and she still finished early! Pretty!

Sharlee ~
She makes everyone in class laugh! Such a joy to have in class!
Beautiful vase!

Heather ~
Another mom's day out spent painting with us! Beautiful flowers!

Judy ~
This was Judy's 1st class ever! Isn't her vase beautiful?!?!

My evening class ~

Kim ~ #4 of 6 classes this month!!
She washed hers off at first as well and still managed to finish 20 minutes early! Amazing. She put dots on her stripes as well and it looks so cute.

Terry ~
Gorgeous! Love that pink candle in there as well.
Hope that green paint comes out of your shirt!

Lisa ~
#4 of 6 classes this month!! YIPPEE
Gorgeous rose buds!

Cheryl ~
She painted her roses yellow and they came out so pretty. She also picked her name out of the drawing to take home my painted piece ~ I let her choose and she chose hydrangeas with no stripes ~ see below.

Painting on glass ~ Folk Art Enamel paints ~ can be baked in the oven and put into the dishwasher (top rack afterwards) OR they are permanent after 21 days.

Gotta close and get to bed ~ I'm beat!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Tales ~

What an exhausting Tuesday I've had and it's only 9p.m. and I'm sure I wouldn't finish everything that is on my "to do list" for today if I stayed up all night.

Here's what we are painting tomorrow - I'm gonna give the ladies a choice on the flowers they paint - I LOVE the rose buds. Not sure how happy they'll be with painting the stripes without a stencil or pattern ~ I know they aren't all perfect or straight ~ but does it really matter?

I bowled today - 167,145, and 185. I bowled lousy last week ~ well the first two games I did - 140, 145, and then I pulled it out in the end with a 209. The season is coming to a close the first week in May and although I really enjoy bowling, I'm looking forward to not "having" to go somewhere every Tuesday.

Best get back to my "to do list". I've got two glass painting classes tomorrow and will share pictures sometime tomorrow.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Okay, I would have updated my blog but for the life of me couldn't remember my password. I really must start writing these things down since I have so many passwords for so many different things and they say they shouldn't be the same so I make mine different and then I forget them. How is that for a run on sentence!

I have lots to update - my May Basket Swap, Dogwood Painting Class, Peach Flower Pots that I painted and two fabulous painting classes that I held at the Byron Visitors Center.

I exchanged baskets with my partner - Katie. This was part of the May Basket Swap that Artsymama arranged. How ironic that we live in within minutes of each other so met up before my painting class on Wednesday to SWAP our baskets. The basket Katie made me is lovely. It has some gorgeous fabric yoyo style flowers with buttons and beautiful papercraft art as well as a tin with a handpainted egg (her sister painted it) and well...just sweet as can be. THANK YOU KATIE! It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing our ART with each other.

Me & Katie

My Painting Class on Wednesday evening ~ we painted Dogwood




I painted these flower pots with peaches and peach blossoms for a commander's wife to give away to people coming into their squadron and those leaving. Aren't they sweet. They have their squadron painted on the back as well.

I taught two classes today at the Byron Visitors Center and had an absolute blast!

There were accomplished artists in the group (one paints portraits, one watercolor, and several decorators) as well as those that have never painted before this class. It never ceases to amaze me that they can paint a project in 2 hours and they all look so beautiful.

Here are some pictures of my morning group!
Here is Jane - she is the one that arranged this with Frances (below) from the second class and I so appreciate them doing that and hope they all enjoyed it as much as I did!
Terry went with me to help me out today - a huge help - thanks T!

My afternoon class ~