Saturday, April 28, 2007

Peaches & Grapes ~We painted peaches and grapes today in paint class.

Dawn ~ This was her first painting class and she did a beautiful job.

Nicole ~

So glad you are back painting with us!

I just love the way Hallie is looking at her mom ~ such love and admiration huh?

Hallie Zoe

Nicole brought her two daughters with her today and they both did a beautiful job on their plates.

Her youngest Hallie Zoe and Lexie (don't know how she made it out of the room without getting her picture made but I have her mom working on that so I can include her).

Both of Nicole's daughters just jumped right in and painted ~ no hesitation or reservations.
LOVE that!

Hallie also won the drawing and got to take my big peach plate home with her today.

Jenny ~

This was her second class with me and isn't her project gorgeous!

I think Kim told me this was her 17 & 18 classes today.
She paints so much at home as well and has started making gifts and presents for her family and friends ~ love that!

Ruth ~

Just love this project you painted Ruth! Fabulous.

Ellen ~
I think I've told you before, Ellen doesn't like her picture taken but I can still take pictures of her projects and this was is beautiful.

Lisa ~
This was her 5th class this month and she went into the drawing for the paint day with me! (see below)

Then we painted grapes ~ I love this terra cotta bric-a-vin
wine holder.


Lisa won my project piece in this class.



My dad drew the name today after paint class and here it is ~
and the winner is.....

Lisa is coming to PAINT with me. We'll have coffee and converstation. Then we'll start our first painting project, eat lunch and then paint our second painting project.

Lisa...gotta let me know what day works best for you! Congratulations!!


Kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Lisa! Sorry my name wasn't chosen but good for you! You won twice today! You'll have a great time with Sandy. This was actually my 19th class. I'm sad that I'm only able to take 2 classes in May but we have lots going on so I'll have to paint more on my own. You'll have to check my blog for the latest. Great job by all of the ladies in our classes today. I really enjoyed Nicole's daughters too. Great to have you with us today, Dawn. You did awesome! Sandy, as always, GREAT classes and I think these were 2 of my favorite projects, though I'm not liking the pictures of me. :o( Maybe I need to take Ellen's lead and not get my picture taken with my project! :o( Thanks a bunch for everything!

Nicole Emmons said...

Congrats , LIsa! But I do have to say that I am disappointed I didnt win this one! Maybe next month! Sandy, you should be really excited to have so many people biding over time with you! Show how very special you really are! We sure do love you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Lisa!!
Your dad's got on a rockin' Texas shirt!! Heh heh! (my husband is a thoroughbred Texan - lol)
Look at all those smiling faces - the little girl is just beaming with pride - that's great!

gold said...

Those plates are cute.