Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday Tales ~

What an exhausting Tuesday I've had and it's only 9p.m. and I'm sure I wouldn't finish everything that is on my "to do list" for today if I stayed up all night.

Here's what we are painting tomorrow - I'm gonna give the ladies a choice on the flowers they paint - I LOVE the rose buds. Not sure how happy they'll be with painting the stripes without a stencil or pattern ~ I know they aren't all perfect or straight ~ but does it really matter?

I bowled today - 167,145, and 185. I bowled lousy last week ~ well the first two games I did - 140, 145, and then I pulled it out in the end with a 209. The season is coming to a close the first week in May and although I really enjoy bowling, I'm looking forward to not "having" to go somewhere every Tuesday.

Best get back to my "to do list". I've got two glass painting classes tomorrow and will share pictures sometime tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy - Love the project piece and can't wait for class tomorrow! Don't stay up too late, Terry

Kim said...

I love the piece for Wednesday's class. I practiced on glass tonight so the transition from canvas won't be too hard. Thanks for sharing. Hugs ~ Kim

Christi Snow said...

Gorgeous, Sandy! And even on your worst days bowling, you still bowl better than most of us! ;) smiles...

Ann(i)e said...

Hi Dear,
Just stopped by to see what you are up to.....haven't been on the net in weeks-so it's been fun to "catch up!"