Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here are some more pictures from our recent trip to DC. They have the most amazing Bontanic gardens. I was the sickest on this day with runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and I couldn't spend the day in there like I wanted - in fact I don't think I lasted 45 minutes. I went through an entire pack of tissues (eeeww)




Easter Lillies - there was a room just covered with the largest most beautiful Easter lillies I've ever seen.

One of my favorite flowers ~


I couldn't capture in a picture how beautiful this GLASS art is. There are so many different glass flowers in there and at one point when the sun came out that day it sparkled and was simply magical.

In one of the wings of the gardens there was an informational section and I was mesmorized by the ART in there.
These are all made of heavy duty metals and in the centers of some of the flowers were tv screens that showed pics of those particular flowers in nature.

Bird of paradise


Gerber Daisy

Also, in the Natural History Musuem they had a featured section and it was all about orchids.
It was so crowded so I wasn't able to get too many pictures without limbs, cameras, etc. in them ~ but I did capture a few of the prettiest ones in there.

I hope you have a blessed day! SMILE lots today!


Miss*Laurence said...

Sandy, These pictures are so wonderful, thank you.
I particularly like the hydrangeas . I just wanted to tell you that the glass artist is called Dale Chihuly ( and his work is just beyond belief! I have seen one of his installations at Kew garden in London 2 years ago, it is just incredible! His website has tons of excellent photos of his won't believe the size of his outdoor installations. I wish I could afford one or two of his pieces!

Sandy McTier said...

Thanks for letting me know - it was incredible and now I can go to his site and enjoy some more!
Thanks for stopping by!

Miss*Laurence said...

You're welcome!
Read you soon.

Kim said...

Oooooo...let's paint orchids soon! They are gorgeous! Wayne's Dad grew them when we lived in Miami so they have always been a family fav! Your pics are so, so pretty. Thanks for the great class tonight. I enjoyed it bunches. I came home and painted some more on my waste basket we did in class. I added some leaves and vines. I did different things on each side then sprayed it with glossy acrylic. I like it! I also prepared 2 canvases (sp?) to paint on later. Can't wait to paint dogwood on Saturday! Hugs - Kim