Friday, March 30, 2007


Today is my nephew ANDREW'S birthday! Happy Birthday Andrew!
Look at those gorgeous BLUE eyes!
I don't see you enough sweet boy!

Also on March 21st my 1st nephew (CHANDLER) turned 14 years old and the only recent picture I could find of him was his football picture ~ but I came across this one today when playing around on my computer and think this is an awesome picture of him and his younger brothers ~ Carson and Cameron.

Look what the mail lady brought me yesterday! The other two amazing items I won in the OWOH giveaway that Lisa over at lisaoceandreamer arranged.

I won this amazing Bunny from MizSmoochieLips
I love bunnies and this one is so vintage looking and so cute! It has a perfect little place in the middle of my table in my dining room and looks so cute with it's eggs. Don't you just love those lashes and that crown!

I got this from Lisa
She was the one responsible for doing the OWOH giveaway ~ awesome idea and gorgeous CROWN isn't it? I've hung it in my paint/scrapbook/art/dining room.

Vintage Easter Postcards ~
Late last year, my sister-in-law Lynne and I went to an antique store in Harlem, GA and I found these gorgeous Easter postcards. I included the backs of them so you could see the neat writing on some and the post marks.

This one was sent in 1910

This one was sent in 1907

This was sent in 1911

Isn't this bunny cute?
This was sent in April 1916

Please feel free to take these postcard images and use them however you wish (some of my creative bloggin friends I'm sure could use and make amazing pieces of ART with them) if you do please send me a picture so that I can see what you did with them!

I finally finished the candle holders for the wedding reception centerpieces that I told you about way back sometime last year. The wedding will be in Texas! The mother of the groom is planning to put floating candles in them which will look lovely!

Don't you just love all these flowering trees and bushes! I stopped along the roadside one day when I was taking son #2 to soccer practice. These are pictures of the Lane Peach Orchards in Byron, Georgia. They were in full bloom then but have now filled with leaves and little blossoms ready to start growing peaches.

Sometimes a photo doesn't do something justice. To stand there and see miles of trees in bloom is amazing and only a small bit of it can be captured in a picture.

Thanks to Ellen (one of my painting students). She took and sent these pictures to me! It's amazing when you learn to paint flowers cause you look at things differently and just like she said when she sent these to me - you look at them and say to yourself "I can paint those" and it's true! Just check out my past posts and see the amazing works these ladies are doing just by learning the strokes and practicing!

This nest is in Ellen's backyard - one day she saw it and it was empty, the next day it had 6 eggs in it and then she noticed soon after that that they had hatched.
If this isn't the picture of spring I don't know what is!

Now that I've gotten all the pictures off of my camera card that decided not to work in my all in one printer ~ I can share with you the fun things I won last month in a giveaway by MaryB
I won the pin that she made and for an extra freebie she threw in these fun stamps! Thanks Mary!

I'm planning on spending my Saturday painting all day! Hubby agreed to take the boys to their bowling league in the a.m. and then take the boys to get haircuts, out to lunch and give me some time to catch up on my painting classes for April. I put my schedule out last week for April and already have 51 slots taken out of 66 not to mention the GA tourism board classes that I'm teaching which should be about 24 new people ~ where of course we're painting peaches and peach blossoms.
I'm also working on a collage for my niece and her two friends that went to Nashville with us last weekend to see Celtic Women. I'll share that with you all when I get it finished and scrapbooking ~ someday soon I hope. I really do miss doing my pages and have to find a way back to getting them done! I have too many pictures is boxes and it's driving me crazy that I've done nothing with them. I just wish I had more hours in a day to get it all done ~ actually I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator ~ I do wait til the last minute and am able to get a bunch done in a little amount of time and know that I'd get so much more done if I'd just commit to doing it!

Went to WW today and lost another .8 lbs. so down 13.8 so far. Have to admit a bit of discouragement that it's not coming off quicker but know that it didn't pack on overnight and that if I keep losing it because of a life change and not a quick fix I will keep it off!

Best get to bed ~ I mean it is 9:30p.m. and 30 minutes past my bedtime. I am one person that gets 8 hours at least a night of sleep!

Have a great weekend. I hope to have some things to share with you tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm one LUCKY girl!

I got some of of the goodies that I won from the ONEWORLDONEHEART giveaways!

I got these awesome creations from Diana
THANKS Diana - I love the bookthong, keychain, danglies and the flowers!

I got this beautiful collage from Danielle at
The Vintage Dragonfly.
It looks pretty in this picture but is so much more gorgeous in person! THANK you Danielle!

I won Brenda's wonderful collage as well and in the envelope she threw in all of these EXTRA goodies! How sweet! Thank you Brenda. The collage is beautiful and is quite parisian ~ which I love!

Monday's Painting Class ~ ROOSTERS

Here are the two Roosters that I painted one before class as the example and painted the one on the right during class which Terry won in the drawing.

Alice H.
She was the winner of the drawing for those that have taken 6 classes from me in March ~ she won a One Stroke Fabric Painting Kit!

I love ya girlfriend - you are too funny and your rooster ROCKS!

Sharlee ~
Love your rooster ~ it's tail feathers are strong and bright and you did an awesome job!

Terry -
You did an awesome job today especially since you are suffering from the FLU! Glad you won the drawing too!

I didn't even realize that you had on your nametag til I looked at this picture ~ hehehe
As usual your project turned out amazing!
Can't wait to see your new car ~ send me a picture of it!
It's so HOT here in middle GA.
Gotta get off this computer and get some things done. I have a couple of weeks to get ready for my April painting classes ~ they are filling up so fast - 3 already full and I just posted it last Thursday.

Monday, March 26, 2007

WOW! What a wonderful weekend I've had. For Christmas my sister in law (my hubby's sister) gave me and my other sister in law (Lynne) tickets to go and see Celtic Women in Nashville. Along for the trip was my niece Gabrielle and two of her friends - Jaqueline and Jessica.
The concert was amazing! The weather couldn't have been more perfect and the flowers and gardens were in full blooms.

The trees were also all in full bloom and the most gorgeous colors of pink!

This is my niece Gabby ~ we went to Vanderbilt University because there is a McTier connection.
My mother in law has worked very hard on the McTier Geneolgy and we have the most amazing records to share with generations to come because of all of her hard work.

Bishop Holland Nimmons McTier (also known as the father of Methodism) travelled in Georgia opening colleges. He founded Young Harris College in GA and convinced Commodore Vanderbilt to put up the money for the college which he did.

This Hall on the campus is named after him and inside (we didn't have a key to get in) there is a large picture of him on the wall.
The spelling is one of the original spellings of the McTier Clan (McTyeire).
Below is a pic of my sister in law Linda next to the monument smack dab in the middle of the campus which marks the burial site of the Bishop and his wife along with 2 other Bishops. Bishop Holland N. McTyeire was the caretaker of the college and this is the only burial site on the entire campus.

The other connection personally is that my youngest son is named after this relative. How awesome would it be if he went to Vanderbilt U.

We went to the Parthenon ~ I know isn't that in Greece? Well, this is the only full-scale replica of the Parthenon in the world and of course the one in Greece is actually in ruins. It was built in 1897 for Tennessee's Centennial Exposition.

The gardens around the building were in full bloom and amazing.

We parked right next to this car ~ I love mini coopers and LOVED this one even more cause of the mirrors, door handle and the rear view mirror had the Union Jack on it. So British and So cute!!!
Like I said the weather could not have been more perfect and the drive there and back was effortless. Nashville is a really easy city to get around in and driving there is quite easy as well.
My boys all stayed home ~ Kendall had a soccer game in Atlanta yesterday and funny enough I was about 10 miles behind them while both on our way home. I got home about 15 minutes after they did and walked in to a CLEAN and HAPPY house! It sure is nice to get away but I LOVE coming home to my FAMILY! It doesn't hurt that I'm married to a man that enjoys cleaning the house!
I had tons of work to do when I got home cause I'm such a procrastinator and didn't get it done before I left for the weekend. I taught a painting class this a.m. and we painted hydrangeas (one of my favorite flowers).

I painted this one in class and Alice won it in the drawing!

Sharlee ~ I let her get away from class before taking her picture so I had to track her down in the store and take it!




Everyone did such an awesome job! They ALL finished early which means it took them less than 2 hours to paint this project piece!
I gave them a bit of creative license and they could paint the hydrangeas in any color they wished and any composition they wanted to as well.
Even though my house is CLEAN from my darling hubby I have so much I need to get caught up on ~ one thing he doesn't do is dust and let me tell you with all this pollen flying around my house is covered with a film of it.
Have a great week.