Sunday, March 18, 2007

Busy Saturday
What a busy Saturday we had in the McTier household.
Started out with hubby and I having flu like systems with a bit of a stomach bug attached - yuk.
I took two boys to bowling at 9a.m.
Taught two painting classes from 1-3 and 4-6 p.m.
Darling hubby had to drop off middle son and friend at the soccer fields and then take our oldest son to the bowling alley for their end of season basketball party - he bowled better there than he did in league earlier in the morning - different alley, different lanes. Then they were off back to the soccer fields to watch the game. (youngest son was in tow the entire time and spent most of his time on his video ipod watching the Naked Brothers Band).

Here are the pictures from my painting class ~ had a couple of cancellations due to sickness - it's going around - but that's not surprising when it's 82 degrees one day and 60 the next.

In the first class we painted Hibiscus - my original is in the post below and is also my giveway for ONE WORLD ONE HEART.

See post below to enter (drawing will be held on Wednesday, March 21st)

Since I painted the original in reds and pinks I thought I'd paint another one with yellow hibiscus ~

Here is Ellen's Hibiscus painting. She doesn't want me to put her on here (I always ask).

She is the reason I did a class on Hibiscus - she emailed me a gorgeous picture of her bedroom comforter that has hibiscus on it.

Alice H.
Alice J wasn't in class today so we just got to call her Alice today.

She's the same Kim that's been coming to my classes but changed her haircolor back to her original and I forgot to tell you Kim but it took years off ~ you look younger with that color!

All of the ladies did so well - especially on their leaves!!!

Then we painted a sea landscape canvas ~ 3 of the same ladies stayed for both classes ~ we had an hour in between and some ran errands (thanks for the Route 44 Diet Limeaid Kim).
There are more steps and paint colors in the project than you would think but I have to say it has to be one of the favorites so far of all the classes I've taught!


Ellen's Seascape

I know I've mentioned before she is a lefty and she just adjusts and gets right in there with getting her project painted - beautifully I might add.

Her hubby wants their media room to look something like this - better get started Doriann!

I'm teaching this class again Monday morning and can't wait. I have 8 students coming for that one. Will share pics tomorrow.

Have to share this too ~
Terry and Mary Jo came to my Peach and Peach blossom class the other day all with the hopes of being able to learn how to paint a peach so they could make these gifts for some commander's wives for an upcoming event.
Terry painted the peach, Mary Jo's husband wrote the words (he wears two stars on his uniform) and Mary Jo took all the credit with a sticker on the back that has her name on it - how funny is that!

Have a great week.


Kim said...

Thanks for a great afternoon yesterday painting. It was awesome! Everyone loved my 2 paintings and I have lots of "orders" from family members! I'm so glad you drew my name for the seascape. Thanks so much for your generosity. You've GOT to teach the Peach and Grape class when I can come next month. I can't wait to learn those 2...PRETTY, PRETTY, PLEASE!!! Thanks also for letting me know about the Route 44 Diet Limeade. It was so delicious! I'm glad you like my hair, I'm getting used to it. See you Wednesday ~ I'm looking forward to painting with you and my Stephie. ::Hugs:: Kim

Anonymous said...

I love the yellow hibiscus! Gotta have one of those...guess I better get painting, huh? Can't wait to paint my seascape in the morning! Hope mine turns out half as good as your students today! Great job ladies!! See you in the morning, Terry

Doriann said...

Hold on there missy...hubby just wants clouds on the ceiling and now I know how, thanks to you. A seascape would be way to bright for him in that room. Thanks again for the fun lessons and great projects! Doriann

Anonymous said...

I wanna come take a class!! OR you can come here on vaca and give me one!!!

Sandy McTier said...

I'd love to come visit you - we're off to DC in April, Orlando in June and Memphis and Nebraska in July so don't think I'll make it this year. I remember when we visited you when you lived here! Hopefully when we get our house built up at the farm you can come visit and paint!