Thursday, April 30, 2009

psst. Aunt Sandy needs a current picture of her nephew!!
Hope you have a fabulous day we LOVE you!

We painted Camellias ~ peppermint camellias to be precise!

This is what we painted in paint class this morning. I just love camellias and the peppermint camellia is my favorite so of course that is what we painted.




Hope you are all keeping well!!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playin' with clay...again

Yesterday in clay class we created daisies, bees and ladybugs.

Everyone did such a fabulous job and I think they'll be making lots of daisies and critters to come!


This was Jennifer's first class with me - she was visiting her mom (Kim - below) and came along to clay class with her! She also won the drawing and got to take home the project piece I created in class with them.





Last week I had a clay certification at my house and Sherry and Roz attended.
We had 3 days of intense creating with Studio clay by Sculpey! They learned how to create some amazing projects and did beautiful work!

When they were covering their votives I decided that I was going to cover something to show them how to cover a seam, etc. and had this ugly orange candle holder that my friend Lori gave me last summer. I covered it in clay that was textured using one of the Studio by Sculpey texture makers and it screamed dessert platter to me - couldn't you just see it covered with yummy pink cupcakes!!

After my certification on Saturday I continued to play with clay and make some things for the upcoming workshop I am hosting here in May with Donna Dewberry and my youngest wanted to play with some clay - he's so creative! I usually give him all the scraps of things I've been working on but told him that if he needed a particular color for something he could use it.

The first thing he said when it saw the Cappuccino colored clay was "I could make a hamburger" okay, so away he went creating a hamburger loaded with cheese, lettuce, ketchup and to go along with his burger - fries and a big pickle. Too cute!! I have to admit that usually when I have my stuff out I'm trying to finish a project for a deadline or class so he doesn't get to always sit along and play while I'm creating - but I really should do it everytime I have it out because he is so creative and I just love to watch the wheels turn while he is playing with the clay and tools and making some of the coolest things!

Have a fabulous day!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Painting & Clayin'
So this week has been full of painting fun and lots of playin' with clay!
We painted Magnolias in paint class and the past couple of days I've been having a blast creating with clay with Roz and Sherry - they are attending my Studio Home Dimensions Clay Certification - I'll share pictures of them later in the weekend.





My middle son has his first travelling basketball team tournament this weekend - we are so excited to see him playing - although I won't be able to go because I'm teaching this weekend.
It sure is hot!!! It's like we've skipped Spring and landed right into Summer. It is almost 90 degrees here today! Crazy weather.
Have a fabulous day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine - not as productive as I would have liked but some days are like that huh?

Usually when I have a lot of things to do/finish I find something completely different to work on or do! Do you do that? Drives me crazy sometimes but I love what comes out of the diversion. I needed to work on some painting classes and instead decided to create a wreath for my door. I purchased one in February from a local artist and it was gorgeous but it took up my entire door and matched absolutely nothing in my house - impulse purchase! So, luckily my bowling partner wanted it!
I wanted to create something with the flowers I already had stored in a closet - I usually switch out flowers in my vases etc. for the seasons and I had so many shoved in a closet I was determined to not purchase any more until I did something with the ones I had. So, this is what I ended up with - have to admit I'm impressed with my bow - not something I'm that good at making but I think it works! The sweet peas are from some great bloggin friends from Australia ~ wish they were still bloggin! Miss them!

We painted this month too ~ hibiscus and we have magnolias coming up this week and camellias later in the month. Where is this month going? My boys only have 25 days left in the school year and it's flying by!




In our Studio Clay class we created daisies, bees and ladybugs.

This was Merts first class and Barb drew her name so she got to take home the things I created with them in class!
I met Mert at the Spring Home & Garden show and she was so impressed with the clay that she signed up to learn how to do it!! Like me she has to have ALL the stuff so she's gonna be up and running soon with all the fabulous clay tools, clay and supplies to start making her own things!!

Have I mentioned lately how awesome Barb looks - if you look at pictures past you will notice her weight loss! She is such an inspiration and looks fabulous! Regardless of how she looks on the outside - she's even more beautiful on the inside! Big heart! Such a sweetie and so enjoy having her in class!

I had a blast sharing some one on one time with Jennifer painting before the clay class on Saturday. She was good about continuing to paint while I talked talked and talked!
Well, have you tweeted yet? Have heard of all the people tweeting on twitter so decided I needed one more thing - like I have the time - hehehe - so I joined Twitter!
Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Late...sorry!
I got home yesterday from paint class and got a new windshield on my van, back to painting, basketball practice, blah blah blah ~ I know excuses!
Anyway, here is my sweet son picking a name ~ CONGRATULATIONS! JOAN!

Joan ~ send me your address so that I can get this off to you!

I took some pictures of my nephew and niece when they came over on Easter.

At paint class yesterday we painted sunflowers.
Julia invited her friends to come and join in the painting fun!
Peggy, Julia and Jan

This was Jan's first class with me and she did a fabulous job!


This was Peggy's first class with me and she jumped right in and painted beautifully!


My sweet pups on Easter Day. It was so nice outside and finally a day without rain - they were soaking up the sun!

Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter! He is RISEN!

I am hoping to get a picture of the boys at church this a.m. They'll fight me on it I'm sure they hate to have their photo taken as much I as do. Here is a photo I found yesterday while doing some Spring Cleaning ~ it's of me, my younger sister Debbie & older sister Linda. The back reads - Easter a.m. 1971 - oh my- that sure was a long time ago! Cute pic mom and dad huh? What angels you have!

Have a blessed day!


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Painting opportunity with Donna Dewberry this month!
When: April 16, 2009
Where: Sarasota, Florida Michaels store
Time: 11:30a.m. - 3:00p.m.
Cost: $79.00
Contact: Call Lori to sign up and for more information
@ 941-504-9507

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Baby it's cold outside & I'm having a GIVEAWAY!

Where'd the Spring almost Summer weather go?? It was 62 degrees in my house this morning - brrrr.
The Master Gardener's Spring Home & Garden show was this past weekend. I did really well and loved meeting so many interesting people ~ met some fabulous vendors from all over too!
Here are some of the items that I took with me - forgot my camera so no pictures from the event unfortunately.urgh!

I'm having a GIVEAWAY! In honor of my 400th post which was 5 posts ago! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I will have one of my boys draw a name next Monday April 13th. Here's what I'm giving away ~

A sculpted red poppy paperweight made by me of course.

Here are some other things I took to the event this weekend & sold.

I did take some painted items as well but did I take photos - no! Have to get better at that - in fact I think I'm going to build a photo box so that I can take better pictures of my things instead of on the kitchen table.hehehe
It's so hard to believe it's almost Easter! Where is this year going?? Flying by so fast already!!
Well, boys are on Spring break and fussing that there is nothing to eat in the house (that's because the little debbie oatmeal pies are gone and the doritos) but we do have food -just not what they want to eat ~ so I'm off to the grocery store ~ oh fun! Will have to pick up some sushi for lunch to make the trip worthwhile.
Have a fabulous day!