Friday, May 30, 2008


Blogger isn't cooperating and won't let me load up any pictures but here are the winners my middle son drew for the giveaways ~
Shannon at Bless our Nest wins the Vintage Apron

and Sharon at Norah's wins the Vintage napkins

Contact me ladies at and let me know where to send these vintage beauties!

Thank you all for the sweet comments and for visiting my blog!
I'm gonna have another giveaway in June - have found lots of vintage linens tucked away here and there and what's a girl to do with so many - SHARE them!

Have a fabulous weekend.
Happy Birthday MOM!

Today is my mom's birthday!
Since today is my giveaway drawing for the vintage napkins and apron I thought I'd post some "vintage" pictures of my mom ~ not that you are vintage mom! hehehe
My parents live in Germany so I don't have a recent pic of her but they are coming back to the states for a visit in August so we'll have to take tons of pictures which we usually tend to forget to do.

Have a great day MOM ~ we LOVE you!!

Come back later today for my giveaway post. If you leave a comment on this or the previous post you'll be entered into the drawing for either the vintage apron or vintage napkins!

EDIT: Happy Anniversary - yesterday to my younger sister and her hubby!

Monday, May 26, 2008


& a giveway x 2.

Today is my sister Linda's birthday! She is 18 mths older than me and when we were younger we were often times dressed like twins.

My sister is absolutely beautiful ~ inside and out!

She loves the Lord and her family so much!

She is a dedicated wife and mother! She also just taught preK at a local church and I know changed the lives of so many little ones! She is a natural nurturer! I know they will miss her terribly since she will start homeschooling her little ones this coming year.
Love ya sis! Have a wonderful day!

I'm so glad that she started blogging and has a fabulous blog you can see by clicking HERE.

I should have loads of pictures for you from my continued walk down memory lane but I don't. I was busy busy busy this weekend. My boys last day of school was on Friday and my hubby loaded them up in the car and headed to his parent's farm for the weekend for some fishing, fun and a Memorial Day ceremony in Wrens, GA where 7 McTier's, and literally hundreds of others, were honored for their service in WWII . After the ceremony my boys headed home and it was so nice to have them back. I don't sleep when they are gone which helped out with the cleaning!

I did have a short break and went to the movies with my friend Nicole and her kiddos. We saw Indiana Jones - it was okay but I have to tell you that if you go you will notice that the skull they are using (it's suppose to be some kind of crystal) looks like a glass skull stuffed with plastic wrap and a few Christmas lights. Bugged me everytime they showed it. Silly I know!

So back to my busy busy busy weekend. I CLEANED like crazy. I went into it all saying don't get caught up in the walk down memory lane this weekend just get it CLEANED up and ORGANIZED and put away. I had found that I was pulling stuff out and then would sit for 2-3 days enjoying all the memories from it all and it was holding me back from getting things organized. I did find 5 rubbermade containers full of artwork, report cards, etc. for the boys and I cannot wait to sit down and go through all of that - soon! This past weekend was all about getting things put away CORRECTLY for once and deep cleaning! It was very therapuetic to throw so many things away! I'm a self admitted horder, collector, pack rat! I always think I can make something out of that or I might need that some day.

I had originally planned to PAINT PAINT PAINT this past weekend with all my boys gone but now I'm even more prepared to PAINT PAINT PAINT with all of my stuff organized! I tackled my studio room first and LOVE the way it's organized now - smartly layed out and ready for some serious creating and painting!

Okay and now for some giveways! I got these two items at an auction in Nebraska years ago ~ it was a boxed lot and I was thrilled with all of the vintage linens that were in this box. Here are two of my favorites of the lot ~

GIVEAWAY #1 Vintage apron. It is super sweet in person and the picture really doesn't do it justice. The pocket is just too cute and it's so clean I'm not sure it ever saw a day in the kitchen.

4 Vintage Napkins ~

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post or any of my other posts this week and on Friday May 30th (my moms birthday) I will have one of my sweet boys draw the 2 winners.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! This is a holiday to remember those that have served in our military and have passed on. Let's not forget those that still serve today and especially those that are in harms way on a daily basis!


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Painting Paradise and COOL POINTS!

Yesterday in paint class we painted a paradise seascape and I so wanted to go to the beach after class!hehehe


Barb won the drawing and got to take home my piece above that I painted with them in class.



I got some cool points yesterday with my boys when I showed them my small collection of 45's. They were really impressed that I had AC/DC Back in Black, Journey, but weren't too impressed that I had Michael Jackson's BAD. My boys have done a 3-60 in the music they listen to. Last year it was all the hip hop, rap stuff that we weren't real fond of and now it's 70's, 80's and 90's ROCK - all because of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. We were walking with our youngest the other day and got the biggest laugh when my husband asked what he was listening to and he said "Iron Maiden" oh my!

Still slowly strolling down memory lane and hope to get more posted this holiday weekend but have LOTS of painting to do and I am going to have a giveaway! I'll post it in the next couple of days - if you like vintage linens you'll want to make sure to come by and visit!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another trip down memory lane ~
Pictures of my from every year I was in school
K - 12.
Let me go ahead and explain the 8th grade photo.
For those that are as old or older then me (40+)
you might remember the perms we used to get where your hair was rolled with the rollers and then "HOT" clamps were placed over the rollers.
Well, the clamps have a time limit for a reason and for some reason they were left on too long. I really should have cut my hair short if not completely shave my head and come up with some story as to why I had to have my head shaved because anything would have been better than this hair at this age!

If you click on the picture it will enlarge so that you can see it more clearly ~ but then again you might not want to - hehehe. They are in order from top, L to R.

HELP ~ if you have children in Middle School will you please tell me whether or not you give your childrens teachers end of year gifts??? I've always done it but DH says it has to stop sometime??When?? and if you do WHAT do you do??

Have a fabulous day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A variety of things from the past and a painting class
So, I continued yesterday going through boxes and really (for once) trying to organize things from our past. These were all in the same box which will show you why DH and I need to go through stuff and store it away just a bit better or more organized then we have in the past.

Most of this stuff has travelled from Japan to the US to Iceland to England to the US back to England and back to the US.

This Fisher Price train belonged to my hubby when he was a toddler and I just love it. I'm sure the paint on it is lead-eeks. It was a toy that looks like it brought a lot of joy - it's well played with but really in pretty good condition for his age.

I think more than anything I am surprised that the man in the caboose still has his lantern in his hand.

Another one of my husbands childhood toys. Simple wooden car, no stripes, no fancy wheels, no driver but can't you just imagine the fun he had with this car - fingers in the holes, making a vroom sound as he raced it across the floor - maybe sometimes letting go of it and watching to see how far it would go - possibly without falling over?

My mother in law gave me these many many years ago ~ they are decorations she used for the tops of I'm sure many cakes with 3 boys. Cowboys and Indians and a few horses without riders - maybe those got too close to a candle one year - hehehe

Football player cake decorations

Loved the Mickey Mouse Club

Remember, I told you in was a variety of stuff - a little out of place huh? There must have been space in the box and in it went - a flour sifter.

One of my husbands books - unfortunately the cover is covered with crayon marks but surprisingly enough it's still attached.

A magazine from Philadelphia - probably included with a paper - it's from January 1947.
and I just loved the ladies on the front playing basketbal in their skirts/skorts and the ads in side

Monday paint class was just Sherry and I and we had so much fun. I needed to paint last night - had a situation kinda smack me right in the face and caught me a bit off guard and well painting was the medicine I needed to make me feel better about the whole thing.
We painted Summer Table Runners - I also think this would make a fabulous floor cloth - just add several coats of polyuretane to it and it would be sealed. We painted these on RocLon material (blackout material). The great thing about this material is it's canvas on one side and rubber on the other.

Well, have to get back to the boxes and my stroll down memory lane continues...
Have a fabulous day.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring cleaning leads to
stroll down memory lane

Hubby and I decided that we needed to start going through
every nook and cranny in our house and clean, consolidate,
throw away, save, etc. We started in our boys rooms on Saturday
and went through every drawer, storage containers under the beds and
in closets. We were fortuantely able to give one of my sons friends a huge
bag of clothing (their house almost completely burned down recently due to
a dryer fire).
DH has collected National Geographic magazines since the 1980's and we also
had the collection on CD that my brother in law gave us years ao so he finally
decided that it was time to donate them to the school or library - hopefully they'll
want them all organized and in leather cases separating the months/years.
DH has also been going through all of his military stuff from the AF Academy years
to present so that we can start putting together a shadow box of all his flight suit scarves,
coins, patches, etc. I'll share those pics once we get it nicely displayed.

I started going through some of my stuff yesterday and had such a lovely trip down memory lane. My mother has saved so many things throughout my childhood and I'll share some of those with you over the next couple of days. My boys had such a blast looking through my year books from middle school (especially since two of them are in middle school right now). They have laughed so hard at the late 70's early 80's big hair, glasses and oh the outfits. If I get brave enough I'll share some of those pics with you soon.

My mom saved some of the wrapping paper and cards that were given to her and my dad when I was born in 1967. How sweet are these?! The card that was attached the nursery bed I was in was saved as well and the little bracelet that was attached to my arm showing who I belonged to.

When we were younger and living in California we used to travel at least once a year to DC to visit my grandparents. Along the way we used to stop at STUCKEYS - are those still around?
We'd always have to get something showing which state we were in. Actually, we'd get to the state sign and jump out of the car and go and stand by the sign and my mom took pictures which I'm sure are in an album of hers. We used to get the patches of the states and then window slicks. I had a hard time getting the window slicks out of the little envelopes they were in so I decided that I needed to organize them better ~ so I put them in this fabulous Creative Memories Pic Folio album.

Well, I must get back to all the stuff all over my kitchen table, couches, coffee table, etc. It's just everywhere and I've so enjoyed going through it all and now I've got to decide how I'm going to store it so that we can enjoy these memories more often. I'll be back soon to share more with you.
Have a fabulous MONDAY!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Roses, Roses, Roses

I had a clay class at my house last night and we created roses, rosebuds, and leaves.





I created this one in class with the ladies and Kim won the drawing and got to take it home.



While our clay pieces were baking in the oven we had make your own tacos and for dessert ~
Chocolate covered strawberries! YUM! These were the biggest, sweetest strawberries I've ever purchased ~ got them right when they were going out on the shelf so they were fresh and everyone in the package was in great shape - which usually isn't the case when you purchase strawberries.

I've added the Rose box to my art blog here

Kat, you've inspired me to get back on track with my SPRING CLEANING! Before we know it it will be summer and too hot to do any kind of deep cleaning.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Violets in a Vase
Wednesday in paint class we painted Violets in a vase. Some of my students have been asking to paint flowers in a vase that looked like glass.


Roz won the drawing and got to take home the picture I painted in class.






Jenny won the drawing and got to take home the picture I painted in class.

I'm busy getting ready for our next clay class tomorrow - we're creating roses and rosebuds.

Today I'm playing BINGO with the wives group on base - it's the end of year program and it will be sad to say goodbye to some of my sweet friends CeeAnn, Kristi, Dorothy, and Mary Beth. That's the unfortunate part of military life - having to say goodbye to friends but on the flip side of that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to make life long friends like I have over the last 18 years if it weren't for the military life! Friends that even though we don't live in the same state or continent ~ we can pick up the phone or send an email and it's like we never went a day without seeing or talking to each other.

Have a fabulous day!