Monday, May 05, 2008

Clay, paint and cake
Here are a couple of things that I created for the Battle of Byron. Some of you have asked what the Battle of Byron is and well - it's a community event that has been taking place since 1979. There are a lot of events that take place like a vintage car show, food, vendors, art, etc. There were 9 of us artists and authors that were invited to show our work inside the Byron Tourism Visitors Center and we all had a blast!

I had created this Briq-A-Vin
(wine cooler) after I got back from the Studio Clay certification in January and thought it needed some glasses to go along with it.

close up of the leaves and vine on the stem of the glass

ever since I painted geraniums in class last month, I've wanted to paint them with the Folk Art HD paint. I love the way this turned out!

I purchased this lazy susan early last year and it finally spoke to me and told me what it
wanted painted on it ~ strawberries.

New cupcake pan
Have you seen the cute large cupcake cake pan yet? I saw it in a magazine and loved it then on my trip to Target this week there it was on the clearance shelf - normally $28.99 marked down to $13.98! Right in the cart it went and we made a cake yesterday.
quess I could have washed it off before taking the picture of it - oh well.

The cake part on the right is too cute even without the topper but when iced it all comes together and looks just like an extra large cupcake.

I sprinkled some candy butterflies on it and it was so yummy!
I noticed in the Michael's craft store ad this weekend the same pan on sale- but I don't think you'd get the fabulous price I did - so go to Target and see if they marked em down where you live!

I'm so sad that the custerMAP on my blog recently archived for some strange reason and all those pretty red dots on the map showing me where people live that visit my blog are gone! boohoo.

Gotta go and paint some orders that I took at the Battle of Byron. Have a fabulous day!



Alice J said...

Sorry I missed your at the Battle of Byron! I brought two of my sisters and my grandson with me too. But with a kid with me I have no sense to know what I am doing. Didn't think to look INSIDE the building? Duh?
Maybe next time.
We had fun anyway watching the kid get on the train and ride.

KJ said...

Ooo, Sandy, there is plenty of inspiration happening here! I love what you've been up to and I plan on hopping over to your other site. How special that you were invited to show your work at this event! What an honor!

Oh happy day!