Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ornament Class
What an awesome way to end the year with another Ornament Class! Love all the designs we did and was thrilled that all my students did as well!
I wanted to show them how they can also make things on items that aren't typically an ornament but can be made into one.  We used a glass bulb (shaped like a lightbulb) I'm sure you've seen those ornaments that people are making out of recycled lightbulbs??  Well, these glass ones they sell at Hobby Lobby and when I saw them I saw a pear so that is what we painted on them.  The other odd thing we painted on was a plastic barrett from Hobby Lobby.  When I saw it it reminded me of a piece of ivory so we painted a silhouette of the Three Wise Men on it and it turned out so adorable, super easy and way cheap when you consider that 5 of them come in a pack that cost $2.47 and they are 50% off this week.  Great deal when you need to make a lot of something to give out and don't have a bunch of $ to spend.  Would make great gift tags too or hotglued to a candle.

Rose ornament covered in Diamond Dust


Baby Jesus in Manger

Santa's Belt

Back of Santas Belt

Partridge in a pear tree

Three Wise Men Silhouette














This was my last class for the year.  I haven't gone one month without a class since I started teaching at Hobby Lobby in October 2006 one month after our local store opened.  December has turned into a busy busy month and although I hate that I won't see my lovely students I am looking forward to spending some time with my boys when they are out of school for their holiday break.  It will also give me time to plan and prepare for my January and upcoming spring classes too.

Hope you have a great week!! Are you ready for the holidays yet? I'm trying to get there but finding it hard to find time as usual. 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and your family have a wonderful day together! One filled with lots of laughter, love and tons of memories!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

  Mistletoe Market - 2010
Setting up our booth ~ even though they give us two days we were still cramming to get it all done before they opened Friday a.m.

Nicole's daughter Katie just had her baby (8 days before this picture) M is such a gorgeous baby and is gonna be as pretty as her momma when she grows us! Katie was such a big help setting up and helping us get ready for the event - and Baby M slept so well was mommy was busy!

Me with my friend Nicole and her daughter Lexi
This was mine and Nicoles 4th year doing the Mistletoe Market and Lexi is such a HUGE help before, during and after the event getting us ready, selling big time (which she is very good at) and taking it all down at the end. We certainly couldn't do this event and be as busy as we've been these last couple of years without her!

We had our best year to date! Fabulous to see so many friends, family and repeat customers! The only thing we didn't have a chance to do was SHOP! We were busy from the time we got there until the time we left - which is a good thing!


Magnolias, Holly &Berries
Wow ~ am I way behind in updating my blog! I had a fabulous paint class earlier last week and we painted magnolias, holly and berries on a wooden ornament.  Everyone did such a fabulous job!









Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Painting Cruise to Cozumel
I had a fabulous time on the painting cruise to Cozumel.  It was actually a birthday painting cruise as my friend Donna celebrated her birthday while on the cruise as did her grandson Christain and a couple of other ladies that were painting with us.

Loved all the cool food art on display in the Windjammer Cafe where we ate breakfast and lunch.

The first night we were there we listened to a fabulous band and danced and then it was time for karaoke. 

Marc & Donna

Rick & Kim (Donnas sister)

Lori singing ~ I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates

Peter & Donna - he made her this amazing bowl out of 7 different woods all stained but kept to their original colors - it was stunning!

First day of painting!   Sunsets on fabric tote bags, botanical leaves and orchids on RocLon placemats and coasters and then a fabulous water bottle coozie.  HD Palm tree that was bright, bold and lots of fun!

Some of us went to the formal dinner night with our face painted with Donna's new facepaint!

Nancy had a butterfly painted on her face and wore the most gorgeous dress with butterflies on it.

my lips were so chapped from the wind

Me & Lori

Kathy & her sister

Cary and Peter

Donna & Judy

Cary, Donna and Peter

Donna with Kathy & her sister

Our boat - docked in Cozumel
The seas were rough Thursday night and all day Friday. Someone on board said they were 12 foot high at times and let me tell you we all felt it! Some sick all day Friday to include myself.  I was very happy to get on some land and have some warm decent weather!

Lori & Frida

Lori & Kim

Kim giving Donna a birthday kiss!

Lori, Donna, Kim and Me (not liking that picture of myself)

Our head waiters singing

Second full day of painting
Donna taught everyone two very cool projects - ferns and leaves in a muted background with two beautiful and bright parrots and then a floral project with bird of paradise.

For the 4 nights we were there we had two animals on our beds when we returned to our rooms - a monkey and elephant.

It sure was nice to get home to my hubby and boys! The house was cleaned (spotless) they missed me bunches which is always nice and we ordered Chinese takeout so I didn't have to cook when I got home! 

Our room extension is finished! I'm loving the room - but I haven't had a chance to move much in yet as I'm busy getting ready for my paint classes this month and the one BIG event I do each year - Mistletoe Market in Perry, GA.  It's next week ~ we'll be setting up on my birthday and then the event is Nov. 19-21.

Finally got rid of my sea legs today which was nice - was tired of feeling like I was still on that boat rocking back and forth.

Have a great day!