Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ornament Class
What an awesome way to end the year with another Ornament Class! Love all the designs we did and was thrilled that all my students did as well!
I wanted to show them how they can also make things on items that aren't typically an ornament but can be made into one.  We used a glass bulb (shaped like a lightbulb) I'm sure you've seen those ornaments that people are making out of recycled lightbulbs??  Well, these glass ones they sell at Hobby Lobby and when I saw them I saw a pear so that is what we painted on them.  The other odd thing we painted on was a plastic barrett from Hobby Lobby.  When I saw it it reminded me of a piece of ivory so we painted a silhouette of the Three Wise Men on it and it turned out so adorable, super easy and way cheap when you consider that 5 of them come in a pack that cost $2.47 and they are 50% off this week.  Great deal when you need to make a lot of something to give out and don't have a bunch of $ to spend.  Would make great gift tags too or hotglued to a candle.

Rose ornament covered in Diamond Dust


Baby Jesus in Manger

Santa's Belt

Back of Santas Belt

Partridge in a pear tree

Three Wise Men Silhouette














This was my last class for the year.  I haven't gone one month without a class since I started teaching at Hobby Lobby in October 2006 one month after our local store opened.  December has turned into a busy busy month and although I hate that I won't see my lovely students I am looking forward to spending some time with my boys when they are out of school for their holiday break.  It will also give me time to plan and prepare for my January and upcoming spring classes too.

Hope you have a great week!! Are you ready for the holidays yet? I'm trying to get there but finding it hard to find time as usual. 

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