Friday, April 16, 2010

Donna Dewberry Workshops in Middle Georgia!

If you live in the local area - come on out and paint with Donna!
May 13th - Crafty wave night - we will be painting the a beautiful flower on canvas. This will be
held at the Cow & Calf Art Gallery in the Peach Shops of Byron.
May 14th - All day workshop painting Donna's Elegant Rose with High Definition paint. She'll also do a floral stroke study and WaterStrokes demonstration. This workshop will be held at Hobby Lobby and is limited to the first 20 people to sign up!
May 15th - All day workshop painting Donna's Tuscan Arch. She'll also be doing a floral stroke study and WaterStrokes demonstration. This workshop will be held at Andrews United Methodist Church in Warner Robins.

For more information and to sign up for these events in Warner Robins, Georgia email me at
Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Painting Spring!
I just love all the love that spring brings! Such a welcome sight after a cold, dreary winter.

We painted Iris(s) and Tulips and
everyone did such a great job!






So this week I started a class in glazing with oils. I missed the first week so had to play catch up and this is the beginning stages of the underpainting. I'm looking forward to learning how to layer the glazes on to complete the painting - will share step by step photos with ya!

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Straight from Winter to Summer!
Well, we went from being COLD to nice and HOT weather this week! 90+ temps after it had been in the 50's and rainy which seemed like forever!! Think we are paying for it too now with the pollen! I have never had allergies but the pollen sure did affect me like crazy today - stuffed up, swollen, watery eyes and tickle in the throat that won't go away. So, today a nice storm was certainly welcomed to settle all the pollen.
Isn't this wisteria bush gorgeous!
It's in my yard and you can smell it a mile away - full of bees so a mile away is good for me!

Had a great clay class last weekend - the ladies of Gamma Pi Omega AKA in Fort Valley came and created some beautiful things to go on mirrors for a competition. They told me about 3/4 the way through class that they have won the last 4 or more years - no pressure on my part since I was teaching them all something NEW! They ALL did such beautiful projects though and I'm confident they will WIN! What a fabulous group of ladies too ~ Thanks Ludell for organizing it! I look forward to seeing you ladies again and GOOD LUCK!

I have to tell you all how much I'm loving Facebook!! Today my sisters and I all chatted on the phone about friend requests we received today and they were from our best friends from like forever ago when we lived in Oceanside, California. I had searched for my very first ever Best Friend Deanna but couldn't find her - it helps to know the correct spelling of her last name - I was in the 3rd grade okay! Anyway, I know my sisters had looked for Deanna's sisters Valerie and Kelly as well but again - spelling!
After some chatting back and forth with Deanna on FB today ~ I made hubby pull down a huge Creative Memories photo box I have of a lot of childhood photos and found this one of Deanna and I with some neighborhood friends. We cheered for the Broncos!
It's so awesome to reconnect with friends from years past and lots of years have past since Deanna and I saw each other but I still have such fond memories of our friendship!

Aren't we cute? Bet you can't guess which one is me??
Have a great day!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hope all my family & friends out there have a fabulous Easter!
He is Risen indeed!
Have a blessed day!