Thursday, May 30, 2013

Here are some of the things I've been painting lately! Enjoy!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some of what I've been Painting!
Here is what's been on my easel for the last few months! I forgot often times that not all of my family and friends have Facebook or Instagram and that is where I tend to post my pictures and sadly forget to also post them here!

Hydrangeas in wOils

Roses in Urn ~ wOils

Seascape Landscape in wOils

Pansies in wOils



Garden Angel in wOils

Gerber Daisy in wOils

For nurses week I was asked to paint the windows at our local Uniform Shop!

White Rose in wOils

Hibiscus in wOils

White Roses in wOils

Vase of Roses in wOils

Another vase of roses in wOils
Iris in wOils

Taught this Spring Icons class on these adorable 4x4 canvases and then decided to stencil a 10x20 canvas to match and attached the canvases to it. Love the way it turned out! Acrylics

Hydrangeas in wOils
This is a painting I did when I had some ladies here for a course and we painted hydrangeas ~ they were originally a blue color and they bugged me forever so I finally changed them and love the way they turned out!

More roses in wOils

Glasses I painted for a friend from High School. These were fun to paint and thankfully they all made the shipping to TN.


Sunflower in wOils

I was in the mood to paint more hydrangeas one day and painted these in a Ball mason jar! Love these and the way the jar turned out!! 

Just painted this large red rose this week in wOils it had fallen out of the vase and was resting on the table top!

Now it's time to finish the video for my sons graduation parties!
Have a great weekend!
Kids Class ~ Seascape
Had a wonderful kids class last weekend ~ we painted this beautiful seascape and all the girls did a fabulous job didn't they?!!  They surprised themselves with how quickly they were able to paint it!


We finally finished out bowling season - I ended up with High Series Scratch, Turkey Queen, our team ended up in 4th place and we got another award that we tied with another team.
I painted my two teammates Debbie and Jackie slate welcome signs as a thanks for putting up with me this season! lol


Inspiration Blocks - I've been creating these inspiration blocks and hope to have them on the website soon! They are small little gifts that add a touch of inspiration throughout the home and I love em!!
Nicole and I will have more of these at our Mistlestoe and Christmas Made in the South markets this coming holiday season.

Have a blessed day!!
Garden Gate in wOils
We painted this garden gate landscape last month and again silly me hasn't gotten around to adding pictures to the blog! We painted this in wOils and everyone did a beautiful job!! 





Ellen came as well but I don't have a picture of hers. :(

Oh how I miss the gardens we had in our yard when we lived in England. The big orange poppies were as big as hands! We used to visit a place in Bury St. Edmunds Abbey Gardens - beautiful flowers and grounds where ruins from the old Abbey stood. The gate at the front was massive and led you into a peaceful oasis with places to sit and admire the flowers or just to stop long enough to take in all the aromas that flowers were filling the air with. Loved going there. We'd take the boys to swing on the swing sets at the park and feed the ducks in the small canals they had running through the gardens.

Have a fabulous day!!
 Basic Strokes Art Journal Class April 2013

Sorry for being so lame and not posting!! I went to South Carolina to be with my family while my dad underwent bypass heart surgery and feel like I haven't caught up since I got back.

Here are the sweet ladies from class! Our stroke we concentrated on that class was a wiggle stroke that can make petals, leaves, etc. We practiced the strokes and then painted pansies and leaves.

Beverlyn, Gloria, Dee, Mary, Sue, Barb, Debi, Roz, Sherry, Patty, & Pat.

Fran & Deborah

Basic Strokes Art Journal Class ~ May 2013

This month we painted adding movement to leaves and petals by adding flip strokes. I think this adds such great dimension to objects that we paint and they all did a super job!!

Barb, Susan, Sue, Dee, Roz, Sherry and Patty in the a.m. class

Deborah, Jennifer (new student) and Gloria in the p.m. class

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Kendall's Senior Prom ~ 2013
I wanted to share some pics from Kendall's prom for my friends and family that aren't on Facebook. Sorry, I forget sometimes to also post them here ~ loved with FB would take your post and publish it to your timeline but they no longer do that so I'll try and be better at remembering to also post them here! Kendall and Jennah went with a couple of friends and they asked me to take their photos. We went to Massee Lane Gardens in Fort Valley and got some beautiful shots of them all dressed up!
















Hard to believe Kendall is graduating this summer!! Gonna so miss this kiddo when he goes off to college.
Have a fabulous day,