Saturday, May 25, 2013

 Basic Strokes Art Journal Class April 2013

Sorry for being so lame and not posting!! I went to South Carolina to be with my family while my dad underwent bypass heart surgery and feel like I haven't caught up since I got back.

Here are the sweet ladies from class! Our stroke we concentrated on that class was a wiggle stroke that can make petals, leaves, etc. We practiced the strokes and then painted pansies and leaves.

Beverlyn, Gloria, Dee, Mary, Sue, Barb, Debi, Roz, Sherry, Patty, & Pat.

Fran & Deborah

Basic Strokes Art Journal Class ~ May 2013

This month we painted adding movement to leaves and petals by adding flip strokes. I think this adds such great dimension to objects that we paint and they all did a super job!!

Barb, Susan, Sue, Dee, Roz, Sherry and Patty in the a.m. class

Deborah, Jennifer (new student) and Gloria in the p.m. class

Have a blessed day!

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