Monday, June 29, 2009

Progress on my oil painting, some paint classes & a clay class!

So, here it is ~ almost finished! I still have the butterflies, handle and ribbon to do as well as some finishing touches on the flowers and some highlights on the basket. I'm pleased with the bird - first time I've ever painted one in oils.
I'm hoping to have it done tomorrow - will share the final painting with you when I finish it.

At paint class last Wednesday we painted Sunrise & Sunset Echinacea

Elaine had come earlier in the week and did the clay flowers as well - you can see it added on the frame in the bottom right corner.


This was Patty & Sharons first time coming to paint and they did such a beautiful job!! I think they even amazed themselves at how easy it was to do and pretty their frames looked after class.


I met Cindy when she came to the workshop in May with Donna. This was her first class with me although she's painted before and her frame is gorgeous!

Roz had her grandchildren in town and brought her granddaughter to class with her - they had a deal - if she behaved she could get something in the store after class. She was so sweet and quite and played with Clay the whole time.
On Saturday I had a kids painting class and an hour after had a kids clay class! They sure were FUN!! Like my friend Barb said "it's neat to see the creative light turn on when they are learning" you could see it all over their faces.
We painted a sea landscape and they all did such a super job!

Then in clay class we created a large flower to go on top of a box that they can put their necklaces or earrings in and then we made the same flower into a magnet for the fridge.

Have a quiet week - which I am looking forward to! Need some planning time for the classes I have coming up in July as well as lots of pool time with my boys!
Have an outstanding week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things I've been working on, clay class, and some auction items

For the last three weeks I've been attending an oil painting class (my 2nd time ever painting oils) LOVE the look but man, it sure does take FOREVER to finish this style of painting! I'm thrilled with the progress so far though and am ready to be done with it so I can paint another one.

I also finished my project for the Dewberry Design Team - the directions can be found here
Dewberry Crafts
hopefully soon! I love the way it turned out and you can download the painting packet for this project and those of the other designers.

Clay Class
In clay class we created sunrise and sunset echinecea (cone flowers)






For the last three years I've donated items to the local Museum of Aviation's annual Auction. This is what I donated this year ~

A serving dish with sculpted magnolias

and a window I handpainted with hydrangeas on it.

My boys and I h ave been having so much fun hanging out at the pool! Hard to believe their summer break is half over - they'll be back in school before we know it - they are not too happy about that!

Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Had two fabulous classes yesterday - haven't taught in over a month - took a much needed break to spend some time this summer with the boys. Will share those pictures and the pics from the rest of my classes this week later this week.

Wanted to WISH my fabulous HUBBY, Dad, and Father-in-law a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! You are all so incredible and I love each of you dearly!

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So this week has been a week full of playing with paint and clay getting ready for some classes I have coming up the next two weeks, doctor appts. and taking my youngest son to Kid's College at Mercer University for Budding Authors and Math camps. Close to the college is a Michael's craft store that I've visited everyday because they have so much more stuff in stock than the store down where I live.

I was walking around looking for some project pieces for future classes and found these absolutely adorable laser wooden cutouts! They are .99 cents each . They had quite a few that were out of stock that I LOVED - a bee, sun and eiffel tower that are too cute - will have to go back and get those!

It's gonna be HOT HOT HOT here today - suppose to be 100 degrees not to mention the heat index and tomorrow it's suppose to be 102!

Well, gotta get back to painting and then gonna spend some time at the pool!
Have a fabulous day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today is our middle son Kendall's birthday - 14 years old! Oh my ~ where does the time go?

He really does hate to have his picture taken but I managed to get a couple of him.

Friday was my father in laws birthday! We love you OPA ~ hope you had a wonderful day.

We've been hanging out at the base pool as much as possible.



Holland wouldn't let me take his photo!urgh!

Friday night I had a painting class at my house with a new kit program I'm a part of - watch my blog for more information on that later in this summer. We had so much fun painting roses. There were 3 that had never painted before and they were so hard on themselves but they all did such a beautiful job on their table runners. Finally got my little sister to a painting class too!

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We had such a fun day yesterday at the pool. My younger sister had to teach a class on the base so my neice and nephew got to come and spend the day with us. It was our first day at the pool which was awesome since it was sooooo hot outside.
My nephew Andrew is such a HAM! He directs his photo shoot - "okay, now like this ~ one like this, etc." TOO CUTE!

We spent a couple of hours in the pool and Andrew and I got out - I asked him if he wanted to lay down and take a nap and of course it was ~ "I'll lay down but don't want to take a nap"
He was out in about 2 seconds!

Didn't get any pictures of the rest of the gang but hope to next time! Me and my boys all got sunburned - always do the first time back to the pool so we most likley won't be back until next week.
Hope you have a fabulous day! Stay cool!