Wednesday, July 30, 2008

High Definition Paint Class ~
We painted Calla Lilies in paint class today! It was awesome to see my morning ladies. I haven't seen a couple of them since last month!

We painted the calla lilies with the High Definition paint by Plaid. I love this paint. I didn't like the it the first time nor the second time I used it. This is the certification I did in March - I went so that I would be forced to learn to use it and now I LOVE it! It's like oil painting but is water based acrylic paint with none of the clean up like with oil painting.
It dries in about 72 hours with the most amazing sheen finish and has such great dimension.







Well, I'm off tomorrow to visit with my older sister and family! I'll be able to hopefully update while up there but if not I will certainly share photos of all the FUN (6 BOYS between us)!YIKES!
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Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yesterday we painted Clematis in paint class.
My favorite color of this flower is the rich darker purple so that is what we painted.

Betty & her daughter Daphne came to their very first class with me and they did a beautiful job!




This was Cyndy's first class with me and jumped right in and painted such a beautiful piece.
Cyndy won the drawing and took home the project piece I painted in class.

Emma Rose


Hope you have a fabulous day!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week full of painting fun, an award and a giveaway!

This past week started out with painting Johnny Jump Ups which is in the Viola family and looks like a tiny pansy. It was a mother daughter class - not planned - but worked out that way!

Sue and her daughter came to their very first class

and did such a fabulous job on their projects.


Kim and her daughter Stephanie

Wednesday we painted cherries on glass and silly me forgot to take my camera so I asked the ladies to send me their pictures. I got one -


(thanks for sending me the picture Jenny!)

Saturday we had two fun filled classes

We painted cherries in the first and we added a project piece to the class so that the ladies could see the difference of painting on glass and paper mache.




This was Debi's first class with me.



This was Patti's first class with me as well!

Our second class on Saturday was the High Definition Calla Lilies class







Sandi over at Holding Patterns gave me this fabulous award! Thanks Sandi.

Here are the rules for this : SHARE THE LOVE!!! Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog. **All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipient to do the same** Visit (Memoirs of a Mommy)for the awesome story behind this award.

You know this is going to be hard because each of the blogs I read I read because I love you...the list is to long to name and to leave anyone out would be just wrong. So, if I am a regular visitor to your blog, and your blog is listed in my favorite places to visit ~THIS AWARD IS FOR YOU!

My friend Jayne over at Bunny Chic Boutique is having a giveaway for some GOREOUS jewelry!
Click on either of the pictures to the side here and go and check out her gorgeous blog and the awesome giveaway!
Summertime sure is flying by and it's hard to believe that my kids are going back to school in a week and a half. Okay, have to get off this computer and get ready for church!
Have a fabulous week. I have a couple painting classes this week and will hopefully get some creating in myself at home ~ I've been working on some ornaments for a show I'm doing with a friend in November - will hopefully get some good pictures of those and share with you this week!

Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What I've been up to lately ~
It's been a busy week with kiddos, hubby finishing his last day at work (he officially retires from the USAF in November), playing with clay and painting.
So the week started off on Monday with dentist appts. for the boys and we knew it was coming but didn't anticipate it coming so quickly - my middle son is ready for braces!
They had a cancellation so he had his spacers put in on Monday and has his braces put on tomorrow ~ YIKES! Two in braces. I could have purchased a car for the amount that we've put in their mouths - sure do hope they appreciate their pretty teeth as they grow up. My middle guy is a candy/gum fanatic and I'm sure this is going to be a hard transition for him.

Yesterday, I purchased this clock on clearance at Hobby Lobby - it was orig. $20.00 and I got it on clearance for $4.00. It screamed at me loudly to become a sunflower so I had to comply and this is what I created.

Studio Home Dimensions Clay - Sunny Side Up and Butterscotch.

The other thing that has been screaming at me to do something with it is this cute little canvas and easel that my friend Lori gave me (thanks Lori)!

I finally got out my High Definition paint and came up with this little didy. It's a 2x2 canvas and is I think the smallest thing I've ever painted on.

I started painting earlier in the week and covered up a canvas I had painted with something else on it and decided that roses were going to be painted on it.

Then I painted this for a new friend of mine! She doesn't know it's coming so I hope she'll be surprised.

Friday I had a clay class and we created a vase with Studio HD Clay Holly & Berries. I knew we were going to finish early so we also created a hibiscus. It was so good to see these ladies - I haven't had a clay or paint class since the end of last month with my convention.




Speaking of my convention - here are some of the things I painted that week

I took a faux finishing/wall borders class with an amazing artist April Numamoto and this is what we painted.

I loved this class as I have all of this fabulous artists classes -Angela Anderson! She is amazing and one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Her and her sister are absolute riots and always bring so much energy and FUN to convention.

Here are a couple of pieces we painted in Donna's Grand Session

Fabric Painting

High Definition painting

I've also been getting ready for my classes the next couple of weeks. We're painting Johnny Jump Ups, Cherries, Calla Lilies, and Clematis. I cannot wait to see my ladies and I have several new students this month so I'm excited to share my passion for painting with them.

Have a fabulous day!