Monday, July 27, 2009

Dewberry Crafts Retreat 2009
I'm HOME and finally had a moment to post! I had such a fabulous time in Florida (was there for 10 days) helping get ready for the Retreat and then attending the Retreat. It was great catching up with so many people that I only see once a year at Donna Dewberry's events. I also met and made a lot of new friends and it's always fun being around so many CREATIVE people! I'm disappointed that I didn't take more pictures while there - got busy and forgot to get my camera out most days but I'll share a little bit here and there throughout the week.

We got a group shot on the last day (friday) which we should have done on the first day because so many people had to either leave due to emergencies or flights.

This is one of my favorite projects that we painted while at the retreat. I changed the flowers out in mine to hydrangeas instead of the spider mums. Here is a pic of mine and Donna's original for the Retreat - we swapped yesterday and now she has mine and I am lucky to have hers!

On the first day of the retreat it was Kara (Donna's daughters) birthday and our friend Lori made this amazing cake!!! Isn't it awesome! Kara is absolutely gorgeous and so was this picture that Lori put on her cake.

We tried to get group shots of finished projects but it was hard to get a good angle on the room without missing anyone off to the side.

Well, I have lots of cleaning up to do to get ready for my busy week. Just found out that my kids will now go to a 4 day school week because of budget cuts - how crazy is that???!!!! Feel very sorry for those parents that work on Mondays and now have to find somewhere for those kids to go and feel even more sorry for those kids that will be left at home that probably shouldn't be left by themselves. You'd think all EXTRA programs/projects would be set aside for the time being so that money earmarked for them could go to having the kids there 5 days a week. Crazy!
Speaking of kids - my boys and hubby went to Disney while I was at the Retreat and they had a blast!!! It was fun listening to all their stories and what rides they liked the best. The last time we went Holland was too short to ride most rides and Austin wasn't fond of roller costers of any kind but this time they rode them all!
Anyway, off to clean and get my projects hung up and studio cleaned!
Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A week long posting in one
So grab a cup of coffee or diet coke and grab a sit cause this is a long one! It's busy a fun busy week full of claying, painting, and creating. The weather wasn't great so the boys and I only made it to the pool once - my tan is fading fast ~ boo hoo. My hubby and boys then spent the weekend at the family farm and had such a great time picking stuff in the garden and spending time with family. I stayed home with the doggies and taught a kids class plus tried to get ready for my upcoming trip to Florida.
My friend has a new book out and it is FABULOUS!! You can go to her blog and see how to get your hands on it and see some other awesome offers she has going on! Just click on the picture to take you there!

Yesterday in paint class we painted Sunflowers and Daisies using High Definition paint. This is an acrylic paint that mimics the texture and shine like oils.

I did two versions so those that don't like daisies didn't have to put those in - but everyone chose to.


Now Jenny only wanted to do daisies and let me know beforehand that she wanted to come but wasn't fond of sunflowers and her painting turned out beautiful didn't it!


This was Carol's first class and she did such a beautiful painting.


This was Ginny's first class with me but not her first time painting.

She looked so familiar to me and I kept racking my brain during class to figure out how I knew her ~ so I asked her what church she goes to and THAT was it - she sings in the choir so I see her up there every Sunday and knew that I knew her from somewhere! She did such a beautiful job!


Roz has had a busy busy summer and usually comes to most of the classes I have each month ~ this was the first one she's been to this month and it was great seeing her.


Elaine was such a trooper she JUST had gall bladder surgery (hope you don't mind me sharing that Elaine) and I'm sure was uncomfortable sitting in those metal chairs for over 2 hours.


Ann just got back from an Alaskan cruise and we got to hear some about that fun trip.


This was Debi's second class with me - the other one she came to was also HD (which a paint that takes some getting used to) and her painting was so pretty!


Sue bless her has SOOO much going on not only with her own health with her sweet Mom Josie who I absolutely adore! Please keep both of them in your prayers as they are dealing with some difficult health issues at the moment! I know Sue needed this class and it was great to see her.

Speaking of health issues we were suppose to also have Barb at class but she called me to let me know she was being admitted to the hospital and wasn't going to be able to come - please keep her in your prayers as well!! We missed you Barb!


Patti is my lefty ~ she paints beautifully and did such a pretty painting last night.


It's always good to see Connie - she's one of those that can look at you and smile with her eyes. Super sweet and her painting was just as sweet!

Saturday I had my kids painting class - we painted bird houses with large colorful flowers and then had some extra time so we painted the same things on a frame.

Barb and her granddaughter came over to play with some clay! We created gardenias and her granddaughter created some of the cutest little people - her cousins, aunt and uncle actually! She is quite the little sculpted and is just too cute for words!

Everytime my older sister Linda called me last week I was playing with clay ~ here are some of the things I created. I will share the rest of what I made after the Retreat that I am going to next week as they are projects for there and I don't want to spoil anything.

Holiday votive candle with a gift box adorned with clay on top

We have to create a pin for the Retreat so this is what I did - can you tell I like poppies?
We had HUGE red ones in our gorgeous English garden when we lived in England the first time and I just love the way they look.

Of course I had to add some bling!!

Red poppy candle votive with gift box

I wish I had taken photos of the snowmen that Barb, S and I made when they were here - they were too cute!!

These are so much cuter in person and although a bit over the top are too cute and made me SMILE!

Some more candle votives I created with the Studio by Sculpey Clay

and FINALLY ~ the Dewberry Design Team projects are up on the website and you can download the project worksheets and information there for FREE!

You can click on the picture to take you to the website.

Have a great day!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I've finally finished by second oil painting!
This one took me a while - longer then when I did the Iris painting in oils.
This is a Sherry Nelson design and I just fell in love with the picture of it in her book.
Now, I'm hoping to paint it again on a wooden desk and then off to another flower.

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July!!!
PROUD to be an AMERICAN and love the land I LIVE in!