Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I wish all my family and friends a very Happy, Healthy, & Safe Thanksgiving!!

Miss having the house full with our extended family this year but so blessed and thankful that all of our boys will be here with us today and through the weekend!

I'm beyond BLESSED with an amazing husband that supports me in ALL that I do! He is my biggest cheerleader and advisor not to mention my best friend in the whole wide world!  I am BLESSED with three amazing young men that we're so incredibly proud of!!
I'm BLESSED with family on both sides that are grounded and supportive and ever so loving!!
I'm BLESSED to have some incredibly talented and amazing FRIENDS! Friends that love me in my good times and bad!

If you are travelling today I hope you have safe travels! Enjoy time spent with family and friends not only today but always! Life is way too short to get hung up on the little things when true relationships really are what's important. They take work and if they are worth it you'll make the effort! Be Blessed! Be Happy! Be Thankful and Grateful today and always!

Smiles & Hugs,

Monday, October 14, 2013

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Day To Not Forget
A Lot Of Things

Twelve years ago today I was walking around the track at the base gym on Offutt AFB in Nebraska with my friend Beth. As we passed the large screen TV's we see a building on fire and wondered what was going on - we continued to walk and as we neared the TV's again we stopped to watch as the second plane hit the next tower and someone on the treadmill told us what was going on.   Beth and I immediately left the gym, I went to the commissary on base as I needed milk and there was NO ONE there - seemed strange for a store that was always busy. As I'm walking back to get milk, a worker came running through the store saying that the Pentagon had been hit and there was still another plane out there they couldn't find.
A panic ran through my body, I wanted to go and get my children out of school and I wanted to talk to my husband who was in a remote location on an exercise and I hadn't seen or spoken to him for days already and I just wanted to hear his voice.  I knew their AF mission had just changed from an exercise to real life situation and I was just hoping that I'd get a call to let me know he was fine. They allowed them to call family briefly and he assured me he was fine but wasn't sure when he'd be home.

I got home, immediately turned on the TV and sat there in shock as the footage of the Pentagon was on, they were split screen and showing footage of people outside the towers and then the news came over about United Flt. 93.   I sat there paralyzed almost as I watched in disbelief and just sad at what was happening.  I called my parents who at the time were living in Germany and luckily got to chat with my dad. I think I sat in my gym clothes the rest of the day watching the TV. Seeing the horror of people jumping to their death and I just remember praying a lot that people were able to get out and that the death toll would be minimal.  I had to leave and get my children from school and I hated to leave the TV but again wanted my babies and wanted to hug them and just be with them.

I remember thinking this day will forever change our Nation. I remember seeing the flags flying everywhere (which on a base wasn't unusual). I remember hoping that that feeling of being UNITED would last and change people. I think it did for many. However, I think we get caught up in the day to day busy-ness of life and we tend to fall back into our usual way of living. 

I think today is important to remember and never forget this tragic day in our Nations history, but I also think it's important that DAILY we're reminded that it doesn't take much to smile as you pass someone, extend a simple 'hello' how are you today?, open the door for the person behind you, or to put your flag outside because you are proud to be an American and not just because it's a day to remember a national tragedy.  It's about human kindness. It's about taking our eyes off ourselves and seeing others. It's about being the person God intended us to be and to show compassion, gentleness and grace to others.

So on this day, I hope you'll not only remember those fallen and hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens again in our Nation but also to SMILE, say hello as you pass someone by, hold a door open for the person behind you and remember that we're only here for a limited time and it's so much more enjoyable when we take our eyes off ourselves and see others in our day to day lives and extend a small gesture that could be the one thing they might need that day!


Sunday, September 08, 2013

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Friday, July 12, 2013

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Sunday, June 02, 2013

What a wonderful weekend we've had spending time with my parents and grandmother and then attending Kendall's Graduation! Then we went to be with our family at the farm and celebrated Kendall graduating but also had an early birthday celebration for Kendall and Father-in-love who both have birthdays in June.  The only thing that could have made it any better was to have our son Austin here for the weekend but I'm happy to report that he made it to Peru safely and it's been great to be in touch with him through emails and Facebook!! Thank goodness for modern technology huh??!! Helps take away some of the worrying!
My grandmother flew in Friday for the festivities all the way from Baltimore. So glad that she could make it again this year for graduation.

Kendall & his darling girlfriend Jennah
Acting silly!! :)
So proud of this young man!!! Graduated 4th in his class, Honors with Distinction, National Honor Society, Straight A Student, Dual enrolled in local college his Senior year in High School and made three A's and a B in those college courses, has worked at a local grocery store this past year and works hard! :) Gonna miss this kiddo when he goes off to college!  

The stands were PACKED to say the least!! Thankfully it wasn't as hot as it was last year for Austin's graduation but it was still HOT ~ hence the casual dress of most everyone there.  Hubby and son got there early (first ones there actually) to save seats and then at 7p.m. the stands FILLED up. We rolled in about 7:20 and thankfully had great spots to sit in (thanks to my fabulous hubby and son) and then waited for the festivities to begin.  Just as we got there an ambulance had pulled up because someone had passed out due to the heat. As the sun went down there was a really nice breeze and it actually became quite comfortable.  
The HOME side of the stadium had filled up to the brim so they had overflow on the visitors side which also almost filled up.




Was honored that Kendall was asked to give the welcome at graduation. He did a great job and other than the sound system not being the greatest it was short, sweet and made everyone feel welcomed!



Walking to be announced and receive their diplomas!





Kendall and his buddy Jonathan
They carpooled to college two days a week since they were both dual enrolled at the same school and were taking the same classes! Enjoyed having them here at the house on Mondays and Wednesdays for a pizza lunch!
Trevor and Kendall ~ probably Kendall's best friend since middle school. The can get into some mischief together but we've always loved their special bond as friends!

Kendall & Jennah

Holland & Kendall
We get one year break and then it will be Holland's turn to graduate! YIKES!
Me & Kendall
Kendall & his proud Father!
We sure did miss having our Austin there for this family pic!
Miss Deana (Trevor's mom) and Kendall's second momma
He sure does respect and love her!
My daddy wasn't feeling very well (remember he just had major heart surgery a few weeks ago) so they left after about an hour in the hot heat at graduation. We'll get to seem them this week and will certainly get more pictures together!! Thanks to my mom (as usual) I have some great photos from graduation! She's always been the picture taker and has a much better lens on her camera than I do so got some great up close shots even though we weren't that close.
We headed up to the farm to be with more family and celebrate graduation and Kendall and my Father-in-loves birthdays that are both in June.
My darling in-loves ~ we were all sitting ready to watch the video that I put together for Kendall.
Loved seeing all the photos and hearing all the laughter and ooo's and ah's from memories past!

 My incredible sister-in-love always goes that extra mile for everything and EVERYONE!! She took care of all the decorations and made some amazing dishes to go along with lunch! Thank you LYNNE! You are so loved and appreciated and I hope you know that!!

It has become quite the family tradition to decorate the deer with a graduation cap!
Kendall and his cousin Gabby!!!

 The cake had black icing on it so the boys took the opportunity to have some silly pics made with their (GOTH looking lips and teeth - YIKES)


Kendall with his Oma and Opa (still had a bit of black on those lips and teeth - lol)
Kendall with his Aunt Lou and cousin Gabby

Me with my awesome niece Gabby & Sister-in-love LouLou

We took a walk around the farm - seemed like a great idea until we passed the second pond and then it was HOT!!!! Also not a great idea walking the farm in sandals - which I've pretty much always done but after a painful blister and seeing two visitors in the grass later in the day I don't think I'll ever walk around the farm again without tennis shoes and maybe even a hoe or shot gun. lol See pictures below to see what I'm talking about!
Oma and Opa's newest family addition ~
Miss Georgia Ann ~ she was cooling off and then proceeded to roll the sand
Gabby with her Uncles!! Oh how these two men love their niece!!
This was our first visitor ~ a King snack about 4 - 4 1/2 inches long - thankfully not poisonous but also not something you really want to see when you step out the door onto the porch. 


Then Kendall walked around to the other side of the house and thankfully saw this one ~ a baby rattle snake. Sure that King snake would have loved to have found it first ~ sadly this one had to meet with the hoe.

Opa showed us a wrens nest that was in the block around the well - 5 eggs in all
but he was surprised that they still hadn't hatched.

 Holland overseeing the corn hole game between Kendall and Steven against Gabby and Dillon

Georgia Ann ~ coming over for some attention! She is such a sweet dog
After a wonderful dinner at Harbor Inn in Augusta, GA our favorite seafood restaurant we came home and had an early celebration for Opa's and Kendall's upcoming birthdays. Between them they were 104 so we thought it was fitting to put 104 on Opa's favorite Boston Crème Pie.
Off to rest after a wonderful but tiring weekend!
Have a great day!