Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stormy Georgia Weather's been one heck of a stormy weekend in this part of GA!  We had lots of crazy weather last night and rain off and one today.  Not sure if it was a confirmed tornado that ripped the roof off a hotel in Byron but the last picture below was what we think ripped through Byron. It formed really quickly after we watched an amazing light show and all the clouds swirling around.   The sky seemed to clear and the wind was eerily calm. In fact the silence was almost deafening.  The birds weren't chirpping, cars weren't driving around  - it was still and very quiet.   Then the sirens started to go off and within minutes these clouds started to swirl and come together and it there was a reddish mist around the clouds - sure some of our fine Georgia red clay swirling around!  Moved quickly after forming and the light show continued.

Have a great and SAFE week!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cherry Blossoms!

It's that time of year ~ especially in Macon, GA for the Cherry Blossom festival and it seems fitting each year to paint cherry blossoms.
We painted a robin with our blossoms this year.














This was Bian's first class with me - didn't she do a fabulous job?! 


Hopefully gonna get some spring cleaning done today! My studio is an absolute WRECK as is my new room and garage - I have WAYYYY TOOOO much stuff! Always think Oh...I can paint something on that and before I know it I have rooms full of stuff that needs to be painted! So, I'm gonna try and NOT buy anything else until I get what's in here painted and out of here!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Is Here!
Love all the flowers and flowering trees in bloom! Don't care too much for all the bees and wasps that are out but I know they serve their purpose.

Here are some of the flowering things in my yard - in the front (side part) of our yard - we have these overflowing wisteria trees that are amazing.

Took this about 7p.m. as the sun was setting!

Then in our backyard we have this beautiful apple tree that is holding on for dear life. It's been overtaken by ants and the trunk has broken off into two but it's still flowering and last year was pretty full of apples.

next to the ants living in it the woodepeckers have taken their turns and the tree is pretty much all marked up with holes.

would love to see if there is anything in that stick next but it's too high up for me to see!

Our doggy Becks - checking out what I was taking pictures of and of course posing for a couple himself.  See those white dots on his back - he is obviously getting into the red ant beds and has bites on his back.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 14, 2011

17 Years Ago....

Wow! Where have these 17 years gone? I remember bringing him home from the base hospital - my friend Kristina Rice had just flown in to see us and the morning after she arrived my water broke.  Thankfully she was there to watch our dog as we really hadn't thought about the dog. 

First thing I noticed when he was born was the obvious dimple in his chin - just like the one I have and the one my daddy has.  I think it was even the first thing I said.  After that I just remember saying - why didn't anyone tell me how much that was gonna hurt?!! 

I could gush and go on and on about how bright and incredible he is!  How generous, sweet and kind he is! I do love who this young man has become over the last 17 years! He makes my heart smile! His gentle kindness and goodness reminds me so much of his incredible daddy!

How proud I am to be his mother! My oldest is 17 years old today and my heart runneth over when I think about what a wonderful person he is! Happy Birthday to our sweet Austin!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Fruit Workshop ~
Saturday, March 12th
I'm super excited about my fruit workshop tomorrow! I've worked super hard on these berries, cherries and more and can't wait to share it with those attending my workshop tomorrow.  We're painting all kinds of berries, cherries, grapes, lemons and more!

I've got 4 projects for my students to do that are awesome. I'll share pics with ya later in the weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend.