Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Is Here!
Love all the flowers and flowering trees in bloom! Don't care too much for all the bees and wasps that are out but I know they serve their purpose.

Here are some of the flowering things in my yard - in the front (side part) of our yard - we have these overflowing wisteria trees that are amazing.

Took this about 7p.m. as the sun was setting!

Then in our backyard we have this beautiful apple tree that is holding on for dear life. It's been overtaken by ants and the trunk has broken off into two but it's still flowering and last year was pretty full of apples.

next to the ants living in it the woodepeckers have taken their turns and the tree is pretty much all marked up with holes.

would love to see if there is anything in that stick next but it's too high up for me to see!

Our doggy Becks - checking out what I was taking pictures of and of course posing for a couple himself.  See those white dots on his back - he is obviously getting into the red ant beds and has bites on his back.

Have a wonderful day!

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MMichelle :0) said...

Sandy...wonderful pictures!! Lots to inspire you right in your yard ....awsome :0)