Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stormy Georgia Weather's been one heck of a stormy weekend in this part of GA!  We had lots of crazy weather last night and rain off and one today.  Not sure if it was a confirmed tornado that ripped the roof off a hotel in Byron but the last picture below was what we think ripped through Byron. It formed really quickly after we watched an amazing light show and all the clouds swirling around.   The sky seemed to clear and the wind was eerily calm. In fact the silence was almost deafening.  The birds weren't chirpping, cars weren't driving around  - it was still and very quiet.   Then the sirens started to go off and within minutes these clouds started to swirl and come together and it there was a reddish mist around the clouds - sure some of our fine Georgia red clay swirling around!  Moved quickly after forming and the light show continued.

Have a great and SAFE week!

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