Tuesday, March 01, 2011

February Painting Classes
It's been a busy month and it flew right by me!  I had two painting classes this month - we painted geraniums, a childhood favorite of mine and then a workshop on roses.
When I was growing up I remember my mom always having red geraniums growing in our front yard along with gladiolas and marigolds (not my favorite at all).  I wish I had a picture of the one I painted my mom in the evening class - they were red and reminded me of the ones we had in our garden many many years ago.

I just adore my students and love that they love to come and paint with me! I had two new students in the geranium class and they did such a fabulous job!  I'm amazed that some of my students drive 2 hours to get to my classes and some of them (Glo) come to every one I offer in a month! I admire their dedication and eagerness to learn!

Jane & Renee







We painted roses at our Saturday Rose Study.  I usually don't do any kind of a painted project at my subject studies but I wanted them to be able to put the strokes they learned for roses and these baskets were the perfect little thing! They all did such a fabulous job and I think they surprised themselves when they saw that they were able to paint pretty roses!

Back row: Ann, Monica, Barb, Glo, Terry, Pat, Patty, Sandi
Front Row: Roz, Sue, Debi, Mary and Sherry

Have a great day!

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