Sunday, March 06, 2011

Creative Painting Convention in Vegas 2011
I was so excited to be able to attend the convention this year with my friends Donna & Lori!
We had an absolute blast!

We got there on Wednesday and had the pleasure of taping a DVD for Interactive Artist Magazine! Dawn and Kristy were awesome and made me feel so comfortable taping mine - although my hand was still a shaking like crazy! I painted hydrangeas - one of my favorite things to paint! Not sure when it will be out but will let you know when I find out.

After we were done we went to dinner and to see a show - The Legends at Harrah's - it was awesome!

Lori, April, Donna and me - at Harrah's for dinner and the show

Me, April & Lori

Lori & Donna

Lori & Liberace (look-a-like) he was great!

Lori & Elvis
This guy had the weirdest moves and expressions but if you closed your eyes you would have thought Elvis was in the room singing - amazing voice!

Donna & Liberace

Donna, Me, April and Lori

These statues were too funny!

Donna & Marianne 

It was awesome meeting artists that I've admired for a long time now!  


Stan, Donna and Ros Stallcup - Love her work! Have almost all of her books! My friend Bev keeps telling  me I need to paint with them in Virginia Beach!

Donna & Patricia at the Martin F. Weber booth

Shots from out and about in Vegas

Lori with litte Elvis - he was so incredibly annoying! We sat down at this fabulous mexican restaurant where he sang outside (guess his act worked) as it got us in the door. BUT then we had to listen to him for the next hour as we ate.  Donna's brother came into town to visit with her so Lori and I hit the strip to check out the sites.
We went to/through some casinos and we sat down to play at a couple slots.  I am not one to gamble my money away and since luck usually isn't on my side to win I wasn't a big spender either. Sat down at the penny slots and was winning for quite a while and hitting a lot of bonus and extras - but then I lost it all - down $4 and that was enough for me!

Friday - Donna's class.  Donna had her class on the last day of the show from 8a.m. - 5p.m.

It was a pretty full class with 31 people and they were all so excited about being there painting with her!

Was awesome finally meeting Barb Fortier from Canada! We had a great time.
Plus, it's always great to see my friend Carol Craig from Thunder Bay, Canada too! Love her smile - she is always so positive and upbeat!

Donna with her Canadian Directors - Carol and Barb

The night before Donna's class we went to the Flamingo Hotel (my aunt was a showgirl there in the 70's) to see Donna & Marie. It was simply amazing!! They were incredible! Laughed, sang and had the best time with my buds Donna & Lori.

FOOD!   Wasn't a shortage of food in Vegas - especially at the amazing buffets.  Donna & Lori kept talking up the buffet at the Bellagio Hotel so on the last evening we were there we went there to eat.  The lady rang me up and $39.84 later for one - CRAZY!  Donna and Lori though about leaving but after all the hype about it and waiting in line for about 30 minutes - not to mention the fact that I was first in line and paid for the buffet when we realized it was $10.00 more on the weekends - we were staying put!
Had to take a picture of the amazing desserts I had.  I'm so not a good buffet eater! Can't eat that much in one sitting or I feel sick. trip to the buffet and back for some desserts.  Didn't eat them all just a few and nibbled/tasted the others.

After eating at the Bellagio we walked off some of our dinner and walked around ending up at Ceasars Palace - what an amazing place!

Looking forward to going next year! It was nice that we had an extra day there to do the trade show at the convention and meet some amazing people I've wanted to meet for a long time. Had the best time with Lori & Donna!!
It's always nice to be home too! Our plane galloped the entire way home - lots of bumps in the air - was glad to be on the ground and home to my family! incredible husband had the house entirely clean as usual and got us BBQ take out from our local favorite.

Have a great week.


Barb Pirkle said...

Sounds like you had such a good time. I'm envious...would love to go to something like that! Maybe someday! Glad you are home and thanks to Steven for all he does, too.

Bella Michelle said...

OH, my the trip looks like it was fun packed! BTW, love the floral jacket!!!