Monday, December 31, 2007

Tear jerker

So, are you looking for a movie to go and see? I highly recommend this one.

I went and saw P.S. I Love You last week with my friend Nicole and her daughter and we literally cried from the time it started until it ended. I was completely dehydrated at the end of the film.
It will make you laugh, cry, cringe, did I mention cry.

It's a great movie about relationships, friendships, and family. It's a great lesson in not taking for granted what you HAVE because tomorrow it just might be gone.

You know we aren't promised tomorrow so it's IMPORTANT to make the best of TODAY!

I have to apologize to my family and friends because I've yet to get my Christmas cards out. I am lame I know. I just have a hard time each year sitting down and getting them done. My husband writes our family letter the day after Thanksgiving each year and sends out cards to his close friends and immediate family. He has learned over the years that it's no use waiting on me to get them done. He will even address my envelopes for me and for some reason they still do not get sent out on time. TODAY! I'm going to do them TODAY!

Aren't these just the sweetest Vintage Post Cards?

I hope you have a wonderful NEW YEAR! Remember, we aren't promised tomorrow and it's important to let those around us know how much they mean to us and how much they are LOVED.

THANK YOU blog friends for INSPIRING me in 2007!

I hope you LIVE an INSPIRED LIFE in 2008!

Many blessings,

Friday, December 28, 2007

Sights of Christmas 2007

We started out with Christmas at our home on the 21st and then we headed the same day to my in laws farm.

Our Christmas tree at home

Christmas at the farm

I took pictures around the house and of the fabulously decorated tables at in my inlaws and hope they won't mind me sharing them with you all?!

Decorations on the tables - my inlaws built a rather large room on the back of their house many years ago and it's the gathering place for meals, games and hanging out.
My mother in law has some of the most unique and amazing decorations that she has collected from all over - several from Germany and Norway and things that have been in the family for what my husbands says is forever.

These are some of my favorites - arent' these santas fabulous!

This tray is covered with vintage wrapping paper ~ would love to have a roll of several of these papers ~ imagine the crafting that could be done with those.

Here are two of my other favorites - they remind me of Cindy Lou Who.

Another of my favorites the angle symphony

Some of the cousins waiting patiently for gifts to be opened.

Kendall * Gabrielle * Austin * Dillon

There wasn't a shortage of food either

Lefse ~ a norweigian tradition that is made for the Christmas Eve meal. You warm it up slather it with butter and brown sugar, fold it up and YUM! enjoy.

Peppernuts and coffee cakes

We actually had one table just for the sweet treats.

Our newphew and the youngest of the clan (until his sister or brother arrive next year) Baylor.

He kept us in stitches! What an absolute cutie!

The 3 aunts
(Oma in the background - my sweet mother in law)

Aunt Mary (my husbands great aunt) 91 yrs.old

Aunt Hattie (my husbands aunt) 79 yrs.old

Aunt Geneva (my husbands great aunt)92yrs.old

Christmas day meal with the family

The Christmas Eve meal is eaten by candle light and is just so traditional with norweigian yummies ~ swedish meatballs, kringla, sweske soup, lefse, and other delicious stuff (the spellings are complete guesses).

My sweet hubby and me

Cousins ~
Austin * Gabrielle * Kendall * Dillon

When they weren't inside playing games they were outside playing basketball

Dillon and Gabrielle playing guitar hero 3 that Kendall got for Christmas.

Lynne, Dillon and Michael (my hubby's brother and family)

The cousins
Dillon, Kendall
Austin, Holland and

My husbands family
Michael, Opa, Oma, Linda, my hubby and David

and below with the (Aunts) Hattie, Mary and Geneva

I was the taker of this picture of the family

my brother in law - David

My sister in law
Linda and niece

Our family
Hubby and I
Austin, Holland, and Kendall

Opa & Oma

Another picture of the Aunties ~
Hattie, Mary and Geneva

Gabrielle with her Aunts

Gabby and Aunt Lynne

Me & Gabby

Aren't these tree faces just too cute.
My sister in law Linda gave her parents
a couple last year for Christmas and
they've picked up several others here and there as they find them.

Oh my to get these children to lay in the leaves to get this picture - too much trouble - but too cute!

here are some things I painted for my Goddaughter and her brother and sister

Here are some initial porcelain ornaments I painted for some friends

At our Dec. 17th paint class we painted a landscape with an old barn~








I came home from the farm and had these fabulous creation waiting in my inbox from J & J over at The Bowerbird's Nest. These two are incredibly sweet and have a fabulous blog that I hope you'll go by and visit by clicking here.

I also had a great award waiting for me from Miss Laurence ~ a you make my day award which I will give out to everyone on my favorites list - I can't pick just 10 of you ~ that is why you are on my favs! So please click on the picture, save it and post it on your blog from me!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait to come around and visit. I'm trying to get my studio in order and the house as well before my classes begin again on Jan. 12th.

Have a wonderful weekend.