Monday, December 10, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - NOT ~
It's suppose to get up to 81 degrees today - DECEMBER 10TH! Where has the cooler weather gone?!?! We've actually had to run the air conditioner the last couple of days and it looks like 80 degree weather until Thurs. I'm sure my sister in law - Linda and my friend Nicole are THRILLED that they can ride with their convertibles DOWN!

Lots to POST ~ I know I'm a bit behind. I'm happy to report though that I haven't coughed once today! However, I do have a sick boy at home with me - my youngest has what has been going around.


Monday (Dec. 10th) Paint Class
We painted a cardinal and holly today and everyone did such an amazing job.



Jenny won the drawing and got to take home the project piece I painted in class.

Vaunna -

It was great having Vaunna back in class again - she hasn't been in almost a year and we've missed having her there! She did an awesome job and you can't tell that it's been a year since she painted!


Dec. 5th Paint Class we painted a landscape with a deer








Brenda won the project piece I painted in class


Dec. 10th class ~ We painted a wooden snowman
I usually don't teach painting on cutout figures but when we saw these at Hobby Lobby we decided they'd make a great class.



Melanie won the drawing and got to take home the project piece I painted in

On that one I painted peppermint candies for the buttons.


I finished another canvas ~ this one is for my neice Hannah.

FINALLY ~ My 250th Giveaway (10 posts late - but who is counting)! 16x20 handpainted canvas "HOME"

All you have to do is leave me a comment and you'll be entered.
I will do put all the names in a basket and have one of my handsome sons draw a name on Sunday, December 16th.
PLUS, if you leave a comment here you'll be entered again AND
if you tell your friends to come on over and check out my 250th Post Giveaway and they let me know you sent them ~ you'll be entered again!
International comments welcome ~ will ship worldwide to the winner!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful month! It's hard to believe Christmas is a couple weeks away~ especially with this WARM weather we're having down here in the South.



Julie said...

Please enter me into your drawing!

Linda said...

Nice work to all your students and to you for coming up with so many different things to do so that no one gets bored. The give away piece is beautiful enter me in the drawing.
Love ya,

Alison Gibbs said...

What wonderful projects you give your students to work on.
Enjoy the weather as I am sure it will soon be cold enough.

Mary Isabella said...

Beautiful work. I love the snowmen. Mary

Anonymous said...

Had a blast in class today! Was so glad that Vaunna came back. And this is the first comment I will leave as a blogger. I wanna be just like you when I grow up! :)

Southern Heart said...

What a pretty and talented group of ladies! I love, love the snowmen!

I'm glad that you're feeling better! Congrats on your 250th!!

xo, Andrea

MOM said...

Love the snow man wood piece. We are freezing here in Germany. The sun has peeked out a couple of times but not for long. Enjoy your good weather while you have it, there might be an ice storm comming your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, your weather is warm isn't it? It's similar to Melbourne's weather at the moment, we would not have thought that, must be a heat wave!! Great class, love the deer in landscape. Congrautlations on 250 posts, a wonderful achievement in itself! Have a lovely week, and so glad you are better, get well hug to your little one !! Jenn and Jacqui x

Terri and Bob said...

Enter me, too!

You have such talented students!

Sandi McBride said...

Of it all, the Cardinal is my favorite, altho the wooded scene with deer is great, late MIL loved Cardinals, we try to place Poinsettia with a Cardinal on her resting place every Christmas...she's in Selma, Alabama, so we have a family member take care of it now....talent will out!!

Sandi McBride said...

oh and ps, enter me in the drawing of course!

Sharon said...

Sandy, I love your red bird, he is so pretty. Glad you are feeling better....I'm not. And having ART withdrawal.
Have a great season. It's 70 degrees here today. But that's OK with me.

Sugar Bear said...

Oh wow - 81 degrees! A friend of mine just came back from the Bahamas and she has photos of all the Christmas decor down there - it is so funny to me! Warm weather and Christmas does not compute in my northeast Yankee head!

Anonymous said...

Please enter me! I can add it to the rest of my Sandy McTier collection!! I'll have to e-mail you a photo of stuff you did back in England! Merry Christmas!! Chris

Tea Time and Roses said...

So glad to hear your cough is getting better! What beautiful cardinals, and I love the snow men too! Wow 250th post, congratulations to you!

Smiles to you...


joan said...

Great job! I really like the redbirds and the snowmen. Your giveaway is so pretty. Have a good week!

Amy P said...

Love those cardnial paintings! Congrats on the 250 and yes, please enter me, love that sign!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Me, me! Enter me please!


Kim said...

It's so sad that I can't take any more classes this month because of my hand surgery. Loved painting the snowman, cardinals/holly & pansies. My Mom is getting the pansies and my grandmother is getting the framed cardinal for Christmas. I'm hunting and pecking because my hand hurts so I'll go for now. Please enter me in the drawing! Hope I win the pansies since I gave mine away! Hugs ~ Kim

Terri and Bob said...

Enter me, too! I love Harrods! Bob and I used to take students to England for an exchange. We did that for 12 years! So, for awhile there I got to make an annual trip!

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I can't believe I almost missed your drawing! Sheesh. Good to see I'm so alert, huh?

Love all your Christmas decorations, by the way! So happy and festive and pretty and...okay, I could go on and on, but you know what I mean, right? lol

Merry Christmas!