Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Cameron

Happy Birthday to my oldest sister Linda's youngest son Cameron!
This little dynamo is the sweetest bundle of energy!
Happy Birthday Cameron we love you!

Yesterday was the 19th Annual McTier reunion and I'm ashamed to say this is the only picture I have from the whole event! This is my sweet father in law on the left and the president of the McTier Assoc. John. We had a wonderful time and it is always great to see people that you only have the pleasure of seeing once a year as well as meeting new people.

So I got home and finished two projects that I had started before the weekend. I painted this Hobby Lobby redo frame that I purchased last year with grapes in High Definition Paint.

And then on the same type frame I painted the background with High Definition paint and created this floral spray out of Studio Clay by Sculpey! I just love it when something in my head comes out exactly the way I envisioned it.

Off to paint some more for the Byron Welcome Center ~ if you live in the area I hope you have a chance to go on over and check out my stuff ~ I'm the featured artist for the month of October!
Have a wonderful day.


Friday, September 26, 2008

We painted roosters today in paint class and had so much fun!








Sorry Sherry - for some reason I click that camera right when you close your eyes!


My doggies (Posh & Becks) looked so cute yesterday that I just had to snap their photo napping in the sun. They are loving this cooler weather and having the windows open.

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Let me tell you how excited we were last night when my sons middle school team won their first football game in 4 years and 3 games! YES, 4 years and 3 games!! They won 16-14 and it was such an exciting (& stressful) game. I always go to any sporting event telling myself that I have to stay in control - once a cheerleader I guess always a cheerleader! I was hoping not to embarass myself or heaven forbid my son out on the field. At one point my husband slid down and when I went to sit down on the bench after jumping to my feet with a loud scream I noticed he was much further down the bench than where I was. My son got in the car after the game and the first thing out of his mouth was - "NEW RULE! Mom is not allowed to yell GO!GO!GO!GO!GO! at the games anymore" hehehe - didn't realize I was that loud - okay really I did and do - I'm a loud person at sporting events and can't help it. We were all so excited and the boys on the field were just beside themselves for having WON a game!

ROSES ~Yesterday in paint class we painted roses! Everyone did such a fabulous job - most have never painted roses before - which I think is a very hard thing to paint!



This was her first class with me and she was also the winner of the drawing and got to take home my project piece!





What I've been working on ~ I have been asked to be the FEATURED ARTIST at the BYRON WELCOME CENTER in BYRON, GA for the entire month of October ~ YIPPEE! and these are a couple of the things I have been working on to be displayed.

I purchased some of these chunky framed pieces of art at Hobby Lobby with the intention of re-creating them with paint and clay. Here is what it started out like and then I painted it with High Definition paint by PLAID! LOVE THAT PAINT! Very dimensional and dries with the most gorgeous sheen! I had intended to paint paint something down it but my husband suggested clay sunflowers! OH MY ~ was he ever right! I put them on it was exactly how he had imagined it after seeing the background painted like it was and I have to agree - I love it!

Of course since we live in the PEACH STATE ~ I had to painted peaches on something. I had done a pitcher and glass set that sold at the Battle of Byron event this past May so I thought I'd paint another to show the month of October!

Going to work on some more things and get ready for my ROOSTER classes tomorrow! Have a great day.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Smorgasboard Post ~ roses, clay, Fall & football

Okay, I started this post before church this a.m. and completely
forgot that I started it so here I am finishing it at 5p.m.

We painted roses this past Friday in paint class and everyone did such a beautiful job. I love this piece so much that I made my blog header out of it. I have another rose class this week that I'm looking forward to.


Kim won the drawing and took home the project piece I painted in class with them!


Sorry Sherry - didn't realize your eyes were closed!phewy!


Playin' with Studio Clay by Sculpey(TM) ~Yesterday I taught a clay class at my house - we created an Iris, bud and bee.



Alice won the drawing and took home my project piece!


After everyone left I continued to play with clay! My younger sister needed some gifts for Bunco so I created some holiday things and then I made some things for the McTier reunion that is coming up.

Football season ~ My middle son is playing football for the first time ever! His middle school only plays 6 games which I think is awesome! I only have to worry 6 times about him getting hurt on the field!! Silly I know. He wasn't too thrilled that the only person in the stands trying to take photos was his mother! He finally turned around and I snapped at the right time.

all the other pictures looked like this ~

Have a wonderful week! I'll be back on Tuesday with my bowling scores and again on Wednesday with more paint class pictures!!



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grapevine Wreath, Sunflowers, Acorns and Daisies

That is what we painted Monday is paint class. Everyone did such a fabulous job and these paintings sure have gotten me ready for some FALL weather!!


J & P ~ this was there first class with me and they did such a beautiful job. P won the drawing and got to take home the project piece I painted in class.




I've been busy painting like crazy - I took a couple of weeks off since my grandmother and mom were here and we did lots of visiting which was awesome. I've been asked to be the featured artist at the Byron Tourism Center for the month of October so I've been busy trying to get enough stuff together to display there for the month as well. So, if you live in the local area I hope you'll go by and check it all out - they are located on Main St.
I have been a very bad blogger and am sorry that I haven't had the time to come by and visit and when I do I usually don't have enough time to comment. I appreciate those that understand and still come by and visit me!!
Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

When my grandmother was here we celebrated her birthday a little early. Today she turns 83 and you'd never know it - she is active in so many things and so independent and spry!

We love you grandma and so glad that you got to come down from MD to visit us!
Have a wonderful DAY!
So, I finally talked my friend LORI into starting her own blog! She is such a talented artist and I know will share that with us all with her posts! She also just started doing a local TV show with her art and I think her blog will only enhance that project and help get the word out!!
Here are some pictures of her from our convention this past summer. She created that cake - isn't it amazing!! She also was kind enough to wear this karate outfit for another painter that designed the dragon the back of it - she had us all in stitches as she did karate moves all the way down the runway and back.

Hope you'll take some time to go by and WELCOME her to BLOGLAND!!
Have a wonderful day.