Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grapevine Wreath, Sunflowers, Acorns and Daisies

That is what we painted Monday is paint class. Everyone did such a fabulous job and these paintings sure have gotten me ready for some FALL weather!!


J & P ~ this was there first class with me and they did such a beautiful job. P won the drawing and got to take home the project piece I painted in class.




I've been busy painting like crazy - I took a couple of weeks off since my grandmother and mom were here and we did lots of visiting which was awesome. I've been asked to be the featured artist at the Byron Tourism Center for the month of October so I've been busy trying to get enough stuff together to display there for the month as well. So, if you live in the local area I hope you'll go by and check it all out - they are located on Main St.
I have been a very bad blogger and am sorry that I haven't had the time to come by and visit and when I do I usually don't have enough time to comment. I appreciate those that understand and still come by and visit me!!
Have a fabulous day!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

These are so beautiful. The picture of fall. I made your yummy German Chocolate cake it was soooo good. Have a great week..m..

Terry Richey said...

Wow - I have never painted acorns before. I think I might have to give that a try and paint this piece soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sugar Bear said...

A perfect addition to the fall decor.

Sandi McBride said...

They're all fabulouso, but Barb and Roz are ready to help teach, aren't they???

Julie said...

I can't wait to see what you paint after teh rooster class you have listed on your side bar! Are you taking or teaching that class?

Sandy said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks! I'm looking forward to the Rooster class as well and I'll be teaching the class! I'll of course take photos of my students and share those with you in the next couple of weeks.

joan said...

These are so pretty Sandi, they do make you feel fall like. I have been feeling like I am always trying to catch up with blog reading also. Sometimes life is so busy, we just got back from vacation only to have to clean up what wind damage Ike left us. Have a great weekend!


WOW Sandy what a great bunch of ladies with great talent. OOh sunflowers make me happy its Spring time here :)

Thanks for adding our giveaway to your blog! I wish you lotsa luck!

Love Shann x

Rick said...

Just surfing through. I always enjoy looking at art blogs - and Christian ones all the more. It looks like a fun class. Sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Hope Posh and Becks are doidng okay and of course, all the rest of
the family. Sure did nejoy myself.
Just had a wonderful boat trip up the Chesapeake in a fiber glass boat which holds 20 there were only 12 of us. We saw the Thomas
Lighthouse, the Bloody lighthouse and the Sharp's Island lighthouse
and it was in a 4 hour trip. I got a beautiful tan-sunburn. Just some
parts were burnt, now peeling.
Love, Grandma