Thursday, September 25, 2008


Let me tell you how excited we were last night when my sons middle school team won their first football game in 4 years and 3 games! YES, 4 years and 3 games!! They won 16-14 and it was such an exciting (& stressful) game. I always go to any sporting event telling myself that I have to stay in control - once a cheerleader I guess always a cheerleader! I was hoping not to embarass myself or heaven forbid my son out on the field. At one point my husband slid down and when I went to sit down on the bench after jumping to my feet with a loud scream I noticed he was much further down the bench than where I was. My son got in the car after the game and the first thing out of his mouth was - "NEW RULE! Mom is not allowed to yell GO!GO!GO!GO!GO! at the games anymore" hehehe - didn't realize I was that loud - okay really I did and do - I'm a loud person at sporting events and can't help it. We were all so excited and the boys on the field were just beside themselves for having WON a game!

ROSES ~Yesterday in paint class we painted roses! Everyone did such a fabulous job - most have never painted roses before - which I think is a very hard thing to paint!



This was her first class with me and she was also the winner of the drawing and got to take home my project piece!





What I've been working on ~ I have been asked to be the FEATURED ARTIST at the BYRON WELCOME CENTER in BYRON, GA for the entire month of October ~ YIPPEE! and these are a couple of the things I have been working on to be displayed.

I purchased some of these chunky framed pieces of art at Hobby Lobby with the intention of re-creating them with paint and clay. Here is what it started out like and then I painted it with High Definition paint by PLAID! LOVE THAT PAINT! Very dimensional and dries with the most gorgeous sheen! I had intended to paint paint something down it but my husband suggested clay sunflowers! OH MY ~ was he ever right! I put them on it was exactly how he had imagined it after seeing the background painted like it was and I have to agree - I love it!

Of course since we live in the PEACH STATE ~ I had to painted peaches on something. I had done a pitcher and glass set that sold at the Battle of Byron event this past May so I thought I'd paint another to show the month of October!

Going to work on some more things and get ready for my ROOSTER classes tomorrow! Have a great day.



DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Congratulations on being featured artist! Love those sunflowers & peaches & all the roses too.

Cute story about your sons football can't help it, you're his mom & that's what moms do, Take care, DebraK

petrii said...

Ohhhh I do love me some sunflowers and FOOTBALL!!!! Way to go guys!!!

Hope you are having a good week,

Jillian, Inc. said...

Hooray for your son's football team! GO!GO!GO! The peaches are them!

Terri and Bob said...

Wow! A featured artist! That is so cool! LOVE the sunflowers!