Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye Bye 2012!
This year FLEW by so fast!! We had some exciting milestones and scary times in our families this year so I thought I'd take some time to reflect on this past twelve months ~ as I prepare for a NEW YEAR starting tomorrow!
Our oldest graduated HS, started dating a beautiful girl, took his first road trip with friends to another state, house sat for my parents while they were in Europe for a month, moved away to college and turned 18.
Our middle got a job, started dating a beautiful girl, dual enrolled in college and HS and turned 17!
Our youngest started driving a car, turned 16, and ventured out in 10th grade by joining multiple clubs/groups at school.
My father had a major heart scare and ended up with multiple stints in his heart! So glad that he pulled through that with no major major surgery.
My sisters Mother In Love sadly passed away and we were able to go to TN to visit and attend the funeral.
My Mother in Love ended up in the hospital for almost 30 days and in the beginning weeks they didn't think she'd make it! Fortunately, she improved and with the help of physical therapy she regained a lot of her strength and was able to come home!
My Brother in Love moved to Kosovo for 6 months as a Fullbright Scholar!  Loved reading about his travels and fun over in Europe but we sure did miss him while he was gone.
Other than that we've had a very Healthy & Happy 2012!
We know that a NEW YEAR is upon us and we pray that it's Healthier & Happier than ever!

 Christmas at the Farm

My mother & father in loves!

Oma & Opa with their grandkids!

 The cousins at the Farm ~ Christmas 2012

Christmas at my parents house 2012

This was the first year since 2007 that we've all been in the same house for a visit.
Sad my grandmother couldn't be with us and visit was way too short but we had fun!

Mom, Dad and us girls

Christmas at my parents 2012
Looking forward to all the blessings God has in store for our family this New Year!
Hope you and yours have a VERY HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Paint class ~ Magnolia in wOils
Yesterday in paint class we painted a beautiful magnolia with wOils. It was great to see everyone as I didn't teach any classes in November due to two major events I participated in.
This was also my last class of the year! Where did 2012 go? I know for me it FLEW by way too fast!
Have already started getting classes ready for the New Year and working on special orders before Christmas and then it's time to relax and enjoy time with my family!

We changed the background up a bit in my a.m. class and painted it with wOils. In the evening class we stayed with my original and painted it with black Enamel paint.


Barb (Happy Birthday today Barb!)



Ellen's painting

Hope you have a fabulous week

Sunday, December 02, 2012

 Painting Classes
   I was having withdrawals as I didn't have any classes in November due to two major events (Christmas Made In the South & Mistletoe Market). It was nice to see the ladies yesterday in my Larger than Life Canvas Workshop. Many different things being painted and they challenged us all as artist but think everyone did a beautiful and amazing job!

Beverlyn  painted her daughters dogs that have both passes away.
Many of these are Christmas presents so I'm not going to show the finished ones except for Ann's think she took it home and promptly hung it on the wall! :)


Ann painted a fall landscape with turkey and turkey hens that was simply amazing!
Patty had several paintings going on - both gifts so I'm not going to show any more than what you see but they are beautiful and I know the recipients will LOVE them!

before the turkeys were added. Doesn't it just look like you could walk on that path right around the corner into the woods. Love it!
Ellen's coming along nicely. She put several things together that all had meaning for a family member (they are getting it for Christmas)

Ann and her finished landscape ~ turkeys and all.

Had a wonderful day painting with these ladies ~ we laughed, cried, painted and painted some more!

Hope you have a blessed day!