Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Springtime Storms

Wow! We've had our fair share of wacky stormy weather over the last couple of weeks in middle GA. 

Monday night I woke up about 1:30a.m. to an amazing light show. The sky lite up like fireworks over and over again and the storm seemed to have hovered over the house for hours with loud crashes and booms from above.

A couple of weeks ago (in my post below) we had an unconfirmed tornado rip through Byron and take a roof off the Days Inn right off I-75 and Monday night the wind was so strong it knocked down a town landmark - the Big Peach!  (photos - John Harley)  

The boys are out of schoool this week for Spring Break - no big plans - I would have loved to have gone to the beach (not their favorite thing to do - they'd take hotel pool over the beach any day) but we've decided to stay home and get some things done around the house.  Plus, we've had haircut appts. friends over to jam with guitars, drums and amps blarring full blast!  My oldest takes the ACT test this weekend as well so he's been busy preparing for that.

Yesterday since I had bowling they came along and bowled some games.  I didn't hit my average once (156, 159, & 156) which was disappointing - but it's only a game huh?!?! I remind myself of that often. I was at least a bit consistent.  Then I bribed em by taking them to lunch and they came back and moved all of my art stuff in the garage into the middle of the garage so that I could go through it.  It wasn't heavy or anything and I could have done it but it was my sneaky way of letting them get rid of any spiders that might be lurking in my stuff.  I HATE SPIDERS! Big, small, baby -you name it - don't like em!
Got all of that organized and today am focusing on cleaning my studio and art overflow in the Florida room!  

Have a wonderful SPRING day!

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MMichelle :0) said...

May God keep you all safe!!! All my love...
Michelle Sifre