Monday, June 29, 2009

Progress on my oil painting, some paint classes & a clay class!

So, here it is ~ almost finished! I still have the butterflies, handle and ribbon to do as well as some finishing touches on the flowers and some highlights on the basket. I'm pleased with the bird - first time I've ever painted one in oils.
I'm hoping to have it done tomorrow - will share the final painting with you when I finish it.

At paint class last Wednesday we painted Sunrise & Sunset Echinacea

Elaine had come earlier in the week and did the clay flowers as well - you can see it added on the frame in the bottom right corner.


This was Patty & Sharons first time coming to paint and they did such a beautiful job!! I think they even amazed themselves at how easy it was to do and pretty their frames looked after class.


I met Cindy when she came to the workshop in May with Donna. This was her first class with me although she's painted before and her frame is gorgeous!

Roz had her grandchildren in town and brought her granddaughter to class with her - they had a deal - if she behaved she could get something in the store after class. She was so sweet and quite and played with Clay the whole time.
On Saturday I had a kids painting class and an hour after had a kids clay class! They sure were FUN!! Like my friend Barb said "it's neat to see the creative light turn on when they are learning" you could see it all over their faces.
We painted a sea landscape and they all did such a super job!

Then in clay class we created a large flower to go on top of a box that they can put their necklaces or earrings in and then we made the same flower into a magnet for the fridge.

Have a quiet week - which I am looking forward to! Need some planning time for the classes I have coming up in July as well as lots of pool time with my boys!
Have an outstanding week!


Sandi McBride said...

That is going to be one beautiful painting when you get it finished, Sandy...I love the work the ladies are doing and the children...what fun! Great job all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the pictures that you always show of your students holding their works! It always puts a smile on my face!
I think that first painting is wonderful. I don't personally work in oils. Just acrylics but who knows...that may change in the future. We'll see....anyway thanks for sharing with us!

Linda said...

Those kids looked like they had fun and what a great job they did!
Try to stay cool in these hot temps.
Love ya sis

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Have an awesome 4th of July...m..

joan said...

Beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful 4th!

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

Hi Sandy ~

Your Bird Painting is so Gorgeous ~ LOVE it!! The kids Paintings are Fabulous and it looks like they had so much fun!!

I know you and the boys are enjoying the Pool ~ it's been hot up there in GA hasn't it?

Thanks so much for hopping by my Blog!! I've been blogless for so long and have missed posting on my Blog and have especially missed visiting my friends.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!!

Bunny Hugs ~