Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A variety of things from the past and a painting class
So, I continued yesterday going through boxes and really (for once) trying to organize things from our past. These were all in the same box which will show you why DH and I need to go through stuff and store it away just a bit better or more organized then we have in the past.

Most of this stuff has travelled from Japan to the US to Iceland to England to the US back to England and back to the US.

This Fisher Price train belonged to my hubby when he was a toddler and I just love it. I'm sure the paint on it is lead-eeks. It was a toy that looks like it brought a lot of joy - it's well played with but really in pretty good condition for his age.

I think more than anything I am surprised that the man in the caboose still has his lantern in his hand.

Another one of my husbands childhood toys. Simple wooden car, no stripes, no fancy wheels, no driver but can't you just imagine the fun he had with this car - fingers in the holes, making a vroom sound as he raced it across the floor - maybe sometimes letting go of it and watching to see how far it would go - possibly without falling over?

My mother in law gave me these many many years ago ~ they are decorations she used for the tops of I'm sure many cakes with 3 boys. Cowboys and Indians and a few horses without riders - maybe those got too close to a candle one year - hehehe

Football player cake decorations

Loved the Mickey Mouse Club

Remember, I told you in was a variety of stuff - a little out of place huh? There must have been space in the box and in it went - a flour sifter.

One of my husbands books - unfortunately the cover is covered with crayon marks but surprisingly enough it's still attached.

A magazine from Philadelphia - probably included with a paper - it's from January 1947.
and I just loved the ladies on the front playing basketbal in their skirts/skorts and the ads in side

Monday paint class was just Sherry and I and we had so much fun. I needed to paint last night - had a situation kinda smack me right in the face and caught me a bit off guard and well painting was the medicine I needed to make me feel better about the whole thing.
We painted Summer Table Runners - I also think this would make a fabulous floor cloth - just add several coats of polyuretane to it and it would be sealed. We painted these on RocLon material (blackout material). The great thing about this material is it's canvas on one side and rubber on the other.

Well, have to get back to the boxes and my stroll down memory lane continues...
Have a fabulous day.


Anonymous said...

Love the wooden toys. Your 1947
paper (if I read correctly) was
Jan. before your Mom was born in
May and the cake decorations are
great. Keepsakes. Have fun going
thru the rest of the "stuff". Love

Sugar Bear said...

Its always interesting to remember what we played with in comparison to all the bells and whistles of todays toys!

Scrappy Jessi said...

omg that train is fabulous!! what a special thing from his childhood. Girl you have been all over the world.
have a great week.

Alice J said...

Love that train! And "The Little Engine That Could" book!
J and I had a modern day version of that book that we read to his son. Isn't that strange?
I'll have to post some of the old magazines I have around here.

Miss*Laurence said...

You're not actually saying you are getting rid of those are you???
You know I think they still sell the little engine that could...
Well, I don't think people will be keeping old plastic " state of the art" toys in boxes and unpacking them in 40 years time...

Charmingdesigns said...

How on earth did did you get all those photos all over your blog page?? I love your pictures. Laurie

joan said...

Hi Sandy,

You have some really fun collectibles. It is fun to go through things that take you back in time. Glad you have an outlet when something upsetting happens. Hope everything is better now.

Barbara Jacksier said...

Great stuff. That train is fabulous.

Connie Carpenter Macko said...

thanks for sharing these! I have that same train! well I have most of it... at last "unpack" the engine was missing. maybe it's still at mom's... time to visit!