Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Had another fabulous class today - some of the same ladies from
Monday's class - they're actually painting groupies ~ hehehe.
Everyone did so well and I hope they think it was easier than it looked when they first came in and saw my flower pot.

This is the one I painted in class along with the ladies and then since it was a full class I drew names to see who would get to take it home - Alice H. won today! Her second class and her first win!







I finally had a free afternoon after the painting class so I went shopping for my growing boys - Austin (my oldest ~ he'll be 13 next week) is now taller than me. He thought his shirts suddenly shrunk - but they didn't he just shot up like a tree over the last couple of months. SCARY!
Then, I went and had a pedicure! Much needed for my sore feet! Would show you a picture of those but will spare you a picture of my alligator feet (as my husband calls them) but take my word for it that they are cute!
Have a great day!
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Kim said...

The grapes are AWESOME, ladies! I LOVE THEM! You all did such a great job! I sure wish I could join you during the day! :~( I guess I'll have to wait about 10 years when I retire!

Sharon said...

Beautiful. How do you do it? You are so busy.

Anonymous said...

OMG! The grapes are soo beautiful! I'm missing being there! This "work" thing is the pits! - Mauri