Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dream*Create*Inspire ~ Encourage
We're in the middle of a Tornado watch so I'm not gonna stay on long - would hate for my computer to get zapped!
Had a bit of free time to create some ART today -
I had prepped all the playing cards to make into ATC and have only managed to get 3 of them painted. Here is my latest. The background was again KLIMT inspired.
Lightning just struck so I'm gonna sign off for now! Will share more later.


Cami said...

Love your atc! I haven't done one of those in ages but I may have to do one today just for fun. Love the birdhouses below and the tulips (one of my favorite flowers).

Be careful during the tornado watch/warning. I just saw pictures on tv of south alabama after a tornado hit just a little bit ago....please stay safe!!!! We are in the midst of a tornado watch ourselves until 2am. eek!

Kim said...

Boy, I'm going to be honest here. I read your post and thought you were speaking another language. I had no idea what an ATC was or a KLIMT. So, through the handy internet I now know that an ATC is an Artist Trading Card and KLIMT is not a what but a who! I found this cool site that provided a great explanation of ATCs. Anyway, thanks for the lesson and by the way, your ATC is AWESOME! Hugs ~ Kim

Sharon said...

Sandy, You've made another beautiful card. I love the Klimt background, that was very clever. I'm so happy you guys dodged the weather and are safe.