Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Painting Classes ~
whew! I'm exhausted. Taught two painting classes today - had a blast at both!
We painted Tulips at the first class and almost everyone had theirs framed afterwards as HL is having a 50% off frames this week. Didn't take pictures of those but did manage to get Terry's pic taken with hers. She picked out this frame for my picture and I love it plus it was only $20.00 for the frame and $1.00 for them to secure the canvas in the frame and finish the back. AWESOME deal!
Mauri - Gorgeous! The tulips are pretty too! hehe

Terry has painted many things and I think this is by far my favorite thing she's painted!
The frame has a bit of red on it and it really makes the orange, yellow and red tulips POP!

Love those pastel tulips - perfect for SPRING and Easter.

This was Sharlee's first class and isn't it just amazing?! BEAUTIFUL!

girlfriend you were funny today!
Vaunna took her time and I was afraid she wasn't gonna get done in time but she pulled through in the end and got it finished. Awesome job Vaunna!

Nicole ~
She painted her tulips pastel as well to go next to her Easter tree ~ aren't they fabulous!

Joeli ~
I'm so proud of you Joeli - the best I've seen you paint! Those tulips are unbelievable!

Heather was at class too but I didn't manage to get a picture of her before she had to run out of class to get her oil changed in her car and I think get gas and get to her son at Mommy's day out. Her tulips are gorgeous though and I'm hoping to get a picture of her painting tomorrow.
Evening Painting Class ~ Wisteria & Rosebuds
Connie -
It was quite nice having 2 people in class and being able to show them different techniques and different ways to use the strokes they learned in class to make additional flowers.
Both of the ladies are so sweet too and they did so well!
Connie got hers framed as well after class but didn't manage to get a pic of that but here she is with her finished painting and project folder! AWESOME!
Lisa ~ I actually forgot to get her picture before she "ran" out of class and got hers framed! The frame is almost as gorgeous as the painting!
Great job Lisa!

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Kim said...

Your ladies did an awesome job and the frames are incredible! I can't believe I have to wait 2 whole weeks before my next class. Maybe I can get in some painting on my own between now and then. Thanks for the post and all of the awesome pics. Happy Painting! Kim