Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday's Class ~ birdhouses
What a fun and busy class I had today. We painted birdhouses and they were all different and so pretty. They all did so well don't you agree?


Carmen is so quiet and so sweet.
This is her granddaughter Sierra. This was Sierra's second class and she has a natural artistic ability!


Alice ~
wonder how many orders your family is going to put in for birdhouses? Beautiful!

She took off work today just to come to class!
Awesome job Kim ~ I've inluded pictures of mine below for ya.

Mauri - she jumped right in and painted a blue bird on hers ~ isn't it gorgeous!

Joeli ~
Joeli does better than she thinks she does. Plus, she is an absolute RIOT to have in class.

Nicole ~
She got all of her sides painted and the flowers were all so dainty. Here is a close up of one of the sides she painted with daffodils and tulips and ladybugs (can you see them?)

Nicole also went home after class last Wednesday when we painted pansies and painted these! Aren't they gorgeous?!
You need to paint them on canvas and frame them now.

here are photos of my project piece - Joeli won this in the drawing that I do at each class.

back of the birdhouse
Side views

front of the birdhouse

I got a new toy this weekend. An electric laminator. Did you know they were so compact? Did you know they only cost $19.99 at Wal-Mart? I was using my Xyron to laminate my class worksheets and at $32.00 a pop for those cartridges it was getting quite expensive. Now, you have to purchase the laminate folders to put your documents but they were reasonably priced as well. HUGE difference too on our painting practice worksheets today! They were much easier to practice on, a bit stiffer quality and the paint didn't bead up on us.

We had a busy sports weekend. Kendall went to Atlanta for a soccer tournament and they won their first game, lost their second and third games so came home much earlier yesterday then we thought they would. Austin had a basketball game Saturday and they won which was great.
It's 75 degrees outside today! My windows are open - they sure do need a good cleaning - blinds have way too much dust on them and the sills need to be cleaned as well. I'm ready for spring just not spring cleaning!

Have a blessed week!


Kim said...

Wow, girl, you are on the ball getting all of those pictures posted right after class. I have to say the tiny flowers were a challenge for me. That just means I HAVE to practice, practice, practice. Yours was GORGEOUS, as always. Thanks for including the pictures of your birdhouse for me. Of course I'll post a picture of my birdhouse on my blog when I finally complete it. Thanks again for a wonderful class and send me your March schedule when you get a chance. ::Hugs:: Kim

Anonymous said...

Darn...another awesome class I missed out on! Maybe I will get lucky and you will have this class again sometime. Missed seeing everyone today, and can't wait to paint tulips on Wednesday! Have a good one, Terry

Nicole said...

Just wanted you to know that I had a blast in class today. Love painting the tiny flowers. I do have to say that all I want to do now is paint. Housework sure is falling behind. I also wanted to tell you that I have an outlet for your laminator sheets. Is it a hot laminator? Let me know and I will get you some prices.