Thursday, February 08, 2007

Vintage hankies ~
I lucked out at an auction quite a few years ago. When we lived in Nebraska I tried to make it to Central City, NE once a month for an auction. I LOVED the almost 3 hour drive from my house - it was my monthly day away to go and do something I've always loved to do! My parents used to take us to auctions when my sisters and I were younger and I have always loved the atmosphere and excitement of auctions.

I got this box for $10.00 and it was full of all type of linens - mostly stained but they all cleaned up nicely. There were about 6 vintage aprons and some old cookbooks - alot of which were just notebooks with handwritten recipes in them or newspaper clippings of recipes but dating from the early 1900's and I love things like that. In the bottom of the box was a ziploc bag FULL of beautiful, dainty hankies. I LOVE these two heART hankies and wanted to share them with you. They are too cute to ever think someone would blow their nose in them - YUK! I think I might get a few of them framed between two panes of glass and display them all the time. Aren't they pretty?

Not forgotten ~
Well, my camera card still work work in my Dell printer but thankfully I have an HP all-in-one that I'm sure if very outdated since I got it in 2002 but it will take my camera card! Yippee!

So, I downloaded the pics on there and used one of those stick things to copy the pictures and brought them to this computer ~ where there is a will there is a way!

So, here are some pics from some classes that I wasn't able to share with you. I took my camera with me to the Apron class (we painted hydrangeas) and completely forgot to take photos but I did manage to get one of Alice in hers. I have a couple more that need to be transferred and I'll share those with you soon.

Terry and her Rose plate

Charlie and her Cabbage Rose plate ~ glass painting

This was her first class and she did an amazing job!

Terry and her Cabbage Rose glass Plate ~ gorgeous!

PLUS, a shirt that she painted last summer ~ she entered it into a contest through PLAID ~ I hope you win girlfriend!

Alice and her hydrangea apron ~ It turned out so pretty that I'd be afraid to wear it in the kitchen ~ I'd hate for you to get anything on it.

Plaid has come out with new FABRIC paint. It's awesome! It's very soft to the touch - it doesn't crack and peel like the old 80's version. The coverage is pretty good and goes on better when the fabric is taut. Here is a way to de-code PLAID paints. They were smart and put indicators on the top of their paint bottles ~ A t-shirt for their fabric paint, an "E" for their enamel (glass & ceramic paint), a birdhouse for their outdoor paints and on their acrylics I love how they put the color dot on top - it helps with the way my paints are loaded. Some of you have asked about my paint ~ so I'll take a picture and show you how I store it.

Okay, now that you are completely bored to tears -have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Did I ever tell you that I think you have really COOL stuff!! I want to just come to your house and start going through your closets and drawers...oh, and the attic! Great furniture, teapots, hats, and now antique linens!!

Oh, and your hair is very sassy and looks awesome! We enjoyed seeing you and Hollad this evening - Stitch cried when you left! So cute. Hugs, Terry

Sharon said...

I wasn't at all bored. I love the hankies. You won't believe this but my friend Susan, brought 2 such hankies for me to photo/scan. One is just almost like these. Funny thing is I scanned one today but didn't think to fold it and so I decided to wait and photograph it. I will probably print and use in some way in collage.

You just say the sweetest things over at my spot. Oh back to the plaid paints. I spent a couple moments this past weekend trying to paint with my acrilics on muslin. I didn't like the results at all and it is for a special project. Real special. So I guess I need to go find some plaid because I really want to do this special project and quick.
OK more later,
PS, I love those cabbage roses.
Oh and Flikr is real easy and free.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those hankies!!

I do have a question about painting on glass...