Saturday, February 10, 2007

Pics from todays classes~
Here are some pictures of the two classes I had today - one got away before I could get a picture of her mirror tile but it was gorgeous - Kacy - send me a pic so I can post it please.
I also have to make a public apology to my good friend ~ RUTH~ I had her down for the wrong class and she was there waiting for me at HL~ I'm so sorry RUTH - I hope you can forgive me?!?! I missed seeing you today and it was completly my error - wrote the incorrect information from my computer to my sign up sheet I'm presuming and I'm sorry.

My first class today was a Heart Vine Wreath with Rosebuds on a mirror tile. Looks great with a candle in the middle of it on a table. The mirror tile has rubber stoppers on the back side of it so that it won't slide or scratch.

It's hard to take a picture of a mirror without getting in the picture - which I didn't want to do.

Here is Kim with her tile - beautiful and so simple ~ huh Kim? Thanks for hanging out with me today and thank you so much for the AWESOME brushes you gave me ~ you are too sweet and I so appreciate you!

This was my second class today and I was so excited to teach this class today - a complete departure to what I'm used to teaching. I'm amazed at all the roosters - they are all different and all so beautiful!

ALICE - her house is decked out with roosters and she tells me her family loves roosters and chickens and that she will be painting quite a bit of them for family.

Finally a picture of Sherry ~ can't tell you how many classes she has taken and I finally managed to get a picture of her!

She has roosters - real ones at home - so she told me all the proper names of things on a rooster. She was afraid to use the black but she went for it and I think LOVED it in the end.

KIM ~ again. She's so sweet and decided to spend quite a bit of the day with me - back to back classes!

I'm exhausted! My boys are still at the farm. I didn't get to bad til way too late last night - went and played BUNCO for Breast Cancer - they loved my dishes and the window I donated with hydrangeas painted on it went for over $150.00 which is always great to see!
I have so much house work to get done and I'm hoping I can muster up some energy from somewhere to get it done before church tomorrow and the return of my family. Off to do some housework!

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Anonymous said...

Sandy, I just love to read all your posts and see all the neat things you do! I have really enjoyed taking classes with you and learning how to paint. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!! Bless you!

Christy McGrane