Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Had a great painting class yesterday - we painted sunflowers on a glass plate.
I love painting on glass. Several of you have asked so this is what I use:
Folk Art Enamel paints - Plaid also makes specific brushes for this paint. The handles are light greenish in color and they work the absolute best. If you try to use a regular paint brush you will continue to have the problem of the paint going on and lifting right back up. The Enamel brushes have very light weight bristles and they work great to "lay" the paint on the glass and not lift it up.

Jane - this was her first class. She is a retired teacher and has always wanted to paint. Didn't she do an awesome job ~ hard to believe she's never painted before! Can't tell by this beautiful plate.

I'm sure by now you recognize the next two ladies ~ they are faithful when it comes to learning more about painting! They are getting so good that I'm sure soon they will decide they don't need me anymore -boohoo!
I'll be sad cause I really do enjoy having each of them in class! They are so funny and bring a great energy to my classes. Maybe I should start telling them they are doing it all wrong and we need to start all over from the beginning!hehehe I wouldn't do that.

Terry - get busy painting that STOVE and get a picture sent in before the 18th!

Nicole - I want to see your Sunflower wall in your house! Send me pictures so I can share what you've been up to.

Not bowling today. Have a bit of a stomach bug. PLUS, I've got so much that needs to be done around the house that is PILEing up and it's starting to be a bit overwhelming. So, off the computer and on to my first project of the day - my ARTroom ~ my intention is to clean it and not CREATE in it today ~ hope I can stick to that PLAN. Have a great TUESDAY!

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Norah's said...

Oh yes, clean the art room. Just push stuff far enough out of the way that you can play some more.
Great sunflower students. I like the glass too.
And, thanks for your tips about the brushes.
PS: having same problems today with uploading pictures.....