Monday, February 19, 2007

I've been inspired ~
by Sharon and MaryB and all the other ladies giving away their ART! (heART) and I wanted to join in the fun of sharing and giving away my stuff too. is all you have to do ~ leave me a comment. If you don't have a blog you can put in as anonymous but I need you to type in your name after your comment.
I'll be drawing on Friday once the kids get home from school so they can help me draw names. There will be two give aways - one for the Daffodil plate and one for the violets painting on canvas. I'll ship it worldwide too! Family can enter too! hehehe



Had a great painting class this President's Holiday Monday.

We painted heart vine wreaths and rosebuds on mirror tiles.

Here is Vaunna with hers - gorgeous!
Awesome job on the weight loss too - she's loss 19lbs. since the beginning of the year. Way to go!

Nicole ~
She finished her tile as I knew she would so I brought everyone a canvas to start on and paint with an oval vine wreath and rosebuds.

So sorry to hear about your flooded basement (studio) hope you are able to paint in there soon!

This is Katie ~ Nicole's daughter
Poor Katie your mom and auntie were giving you such a hard time!
You did so well - and I didn't see you look in that mirror once!hehehe.

Mauri ~
Absolutely beautiful!
You are an absolute riot girl! A pleasure to have in class as are all you ladies that attend of course!!

Mary Jane ~
Mary Jane probably did know what she got her self into with this wild bunch of ladies! Hope she had fun though.
Didn't she do an awesome job?!

Alice -
Gorgeous as usual! I might have to stop posting your picture or you aren't gonna find a moment to sleep with all those orders from your family! Awesome job though ~ I'm so glad you are taking what you learn in class and making gifts for your friends and family!


Anonymous said...

Wow - how lovely - both are gorgeous but the violets just get to my heart!!!!! love, oma

Anonymous said...

pick me, pick me!! They both get to my heart!! (man, Oma is pulling out the heavy artillery on this giveway, huh?) LOL Looks like you had a great class today. Love the mirror project, and I can't imagine what in the world happend to Nicoles flooded?? How Awfull. I miss you and can't wait to see you Wednesday morning. Want to go to Linda Moore's with me Tomorrow night for Tastefully Simple/Parklane get together? Hugs, Terry

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy - It's great to have my computer back! (Thanks, Rob!) You'd be so proud...I painted a ladybug, frog and butterfly on some Valentine things for my neices and nephew and painted a little paper mache' box for for Mom, grandmother and Aunt. I even painted a bookmark for Wayne for Valentine's Day. I'll send pictures soon. Both of your projects are awesome and I'd just LOVE either one. Love ya, Kim

Anonymous said...

Oh Alice, its absolutely beautiful! God has given you a great talent,and a loving & preicous heart.God has blessed this earth with a great person, who I love and honor. I am proud of you, and our mom is too. Even in heaven, I know she is looking down and smiling about the things you have done and are continueting to do. Love from your little sister Patsy Wynn

Anonymous said...

Sandy is the greatest teacher!!! I never,ever thought I could paint like this! I have painted some in my younger years but I could never accomplish a full picture.
Then in the first class I had with Sandy I was blown away! I completed the project and got to take it home too!
The big thing is that you don't have to bring anything to class!!! You paint the picture, you take it home! What more would you want?
Most classes requires that you get your supplies together from their store. You get together their supply list(if you can find someone who knows what you need). You use your brushes,your paints, your wash basin, your paper towels and everything from their store.
Then you have to lug this load of stuff to your class!
Sandy's classes requires you to come in seat yourself and paint! Plus, she is pretty and sweet. She is always bringing us goodies like chocolates and etc.
Then on top of that she has a drawing for her picture that she completes for that class!!!
Either way you look at it "You're a Winner!"
Thanks Sandy for brightening my life!!!
Your "A"(Alice) Student!

Anonymous said...

I would love to be a part of your heART giveaway. I found your blog through "My Mother's Daughter." Your painting is lovely!!

Ann(i)e said...

your pieces are are your "students" it all!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, I'm glad you're enjoying the heARTwork. Wow, the painting are gorgeous!!! You must also be a very good teacher, not only did everyone do a great job, but they are all smiling! Hmmm, I'd love to learn how to paint like that. How very inspiring you are to your class!!

Cami said...

beautiful work from all the ladies. Sandy, your projects are lovely!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to leave a comment on your space--how sad is that! Please put me in the drawing-I want to win.
Jeannie Sisson

Hey Jeannie - I entered with your email! Check back on Friday late afternoon to see who won!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,
Beautiful work as usual. God certainly has blessed you with so much creativity and I am proud that you share your talents with others. What a blessing you are.
I love you,

Anonymous said...

I just read your blog again and saw where family could enter so I thought I'd give myself another chance. I need to get back to the states so I can decorate my house with some of the beautiful pieces you have created! and to get hugs, go shopping and eat out at midnight or 0600.

Anonymous said...

Alice,you are doing a really wonderful job! Some of the stuff you've done is just breathtakingly beautiful!!! Words alone are surely not enough. All I can say is keep up the really good work!
Love from your sister. Patsy Wynn